Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds: 7 Beginner Tips

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds: 7 Beginner Tips ...

Cross Worlds, the Ni No Kuni series'' latest game, has a stunning art form similar to the Studio Ghibli style, along with gameplay similar to Genshin Impact, which is sure to capture a lot of players.

Many players are diving into Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds for the first time, either as long-time fans of the game or newcomers to the series. Regardless, new players may need some basic skills to get started in the game, to enable them to enjoy their experiences.

7 The Main Story Is Great For Experience

If a player is lacking in knowledge, then one of the best things they can do is to simply play through the main story, complete any quests they may encounter. The main story is one of the best places to get level up.

It is a great way to get acquainted with what the game has to offer. Using the main story mode helps players get used to the game''s mechanics. Hence, players are encouraged to finish the story before they start to try and diverge into doing side quests or wandering around on their own.

6 The Swordsman And Witch Are Very Strong

Players will be forced to choose between five classes: the Swordsman, the Engineer, the Rogue, the Destroyer, and the Witch. As with most classes with pro and cons, each has their advantages and disadvantages, but certain classes are better for beginners.

Many players are encouraged to choose the Swordsman or the Witch as their first class. Both classes are very beginner-friendly and well-rounded when it comes to supporting and attacking. However, it is worth noting that the Witch''s defense is pretty minimal, so that is something to consider.

5 Chaotic Land Is A Great Place For Leveling

The area Chaotic Land is extremely beneficial in terms of getting an experience for a player''s party. This is mainly because to the huge amounts of enemies that will appear here, and how it will become relatively straightforward to defeat them later on in the game.

If players want to level their party quickly, it is a good idea to go there so that they can make the most of it. The Chaotic Land is fantastic for the moment, due to its speed in terms of experience.

4 Get Used To The Element System

There is a combat element that a player will need to get used to. Fortunately, the element system is quite simple and similar to those used in many other gacha games.

Earth, Water, Fire, and Light are counterattacking, while light and darkness are counterattacking each other simultaneously.

3 Turn Off An Automatic Counter For Manual Control

By refusing the Automatic Counter function, players may gain more control over their party. Essentially, Automatic Counter will ensure that the player will at least be able to counterattack a few times if everything works out.

More experienced players will want to manually counterattack if they feel the need to, as they may control when and where their counterattacks are occurring. As such, more experienced players will wish to turn off Automatic Counters so that they have total control.

2 Join A Kingdom To Gain Buffs

Any player who is familiar with MMOs (or almost any other multiplayer game) will see that they will want to join a guild in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds. In this game, the "guilds" are hailed as Kingdoms, and joining them will be a great idea.

Players will be able to purchase other items from the guild shop via a Kingdom. These include the No No Kuni: Cross Worlds version of guild wars, and so on.

1 Go For the Daily Raids

Daily boss attacks are basically bosses that will respawn every day when the server resets. Players will receive incredible rewards for participating in daily boss attacks, such as rare equipment and considerable amounts of money.

However, a player who is relatively new to the game may encounter daily raids. After all, the boss battles aren''t easy. Players should ensure they are strong enough to fight against the bosses before jumping into these raids. However, for those who take some time to train (perhaps by grinding in Chaotic Land as mentioned above), these battles are worthwhile.

Ni No Kuni is available on Android and iOS.