Secret Notes Guide for Stardew Valley

Secret Notes Guide for Stardew Valley ...

In Winter, there are a ton of exciting little things to do. Even if you aren''t in the mood for farming, you can rest assured that there are plenty of fun to do. This is especially true in Winter, which is known throughout the farming sim world as one of the most challenging.

Winter is a great time to explore local mines, building friendships, and engaging in all of those little tasks you''ve wanted to do. During the winter, you''ll be able to start by presenting valuable information about the area, and some even uncover a treasure.

Gabrielle Huston''s Updated on June 1, 2022: Even if you''ve been playing Stardew Valley for a long time, did you know that there might be secrets that you had yet to discover? We''ve expanded on each secret note to highlight what it says and how to solve it.

What Are Secret Notes?

Secret Notes are hidden messages that can be found around the world of Stardew Valley.

Each note will be numbered, and you may get them in any condition.

Secret Notes will not be available until you experience your first in-game Winter and receive the magnifying glass from the mysterious shadow figure.

How Do You Get Secret Notes?

From 6 to 4 pm, enter the Bus Station for a cut scene involving a Shadow Person.

You''ll receive "A Winter Mystery," and go into town after him, follow the path to the bush he''s hiding in. Shake the bush to get him to pop out and give him the magnifying glass; this item gives you the freedom to find secret notes.

Taking the following steps, you may now get secret notes:

Activity Odds Of Getting A Secret Note
Fishing 8%
Cutting Weeds 0.9%
Killing Monsters 3.3%
Busting Stones 0.75%
Chopping Down Trees (odds are for each axe hit) 0.5%
Harvesting Giant Crops 80%
Digging Up Artifact Spots 11% (only checks for a Secret Note if you don''''t receive a winter forage item or an artifact)
Breaking Lage Stumps, Large Logs, Meteorites, or Boulders 5%

Then, when you receive a secret note, it will be added to the new note sections of your player collection menu. Even after finishing the quest, you may go here to read notes as many times as you like.

Every Secret Note And Its Solution

Abigail''s Diary has a page here.

''Things I like: the smell of carved pumpkin, keeping an amethyst under my pillow, chocolate cake, the thrill of spicy eel, and the comfort of Mom''s blackberry cobbler (I like to eat!)

This letter reveals some of Abigail''s ''Loved'' gifts.

Sam''s Christmas shopping list is now available.

Everyone''s favorite songs

Sebastian: Frozen Tear, Sashimi

Penny: Emerald and Poppy

Grape and Cranberry Candy in Vincent

Crispy Bass and Pancakes for Mom

Risotto, ROasted Hazelnuts, Dad

Cactus, Maple Bar, and Pizza...

This publication contains a list of ''Loved'' people''s gifts, which is ''exact as Sam has listed!''

Leah''s handwriting is drafted.

I''d aspire to have a delicious dinner with salad, goat cheese, truffle, and wine. For dessert, I''d need a poppyseed muffin. Yum! I''d have melted it if someone gave me one of those things.

Leah provides a list of ''Loved'' gifts to the players, all of which are things they can produce on their farm.

Maru''s hand is a note.

Parts for my greatest invention are still needed!

*Gold Bar

*Iridium Bar

*Battery Pack



Again, you get a list of an NPC''s''Loved'' gifts. This time it''s Maru!

Penny''s handwriting is perfect:

I want to get everyone something they love!

Mom: Parsnip, Glazed Yams, NO BEER!

Jas: Fairy Rose and Plum Pudding

Vincent: Pink Cake, Grape

Leek and Fried Mushroom, Mr. Mullner

Beet, Tulip by Granny Mullner

Penny, who is a sweet, makes a list of the ''Loved'' gifts of several NPCs.

Mr. Mullner is George, Alex''s grandfather, and Granny Mullner is his wife Evelyn. Penny''s mother is Pam, and she lists ''NO BEER!'' because Penny is trying to alleviate her dependence to drink, but it''s actually one of Pam''s ''Loved'' gifts.

Special Orders for the Stardrop Saloon

Autumn''s Bounty by Mayor Lewis (Double order of high-fiber bread on the side)

Pumpkin Pie from Marnie (extra whipped cream!!

Bean Hotpot in Demetrius (Make it spicy)

Caroline: Fish Taco (she wants triple the sauce, but you can try it out with a few extra napkins).

Gus, who owns and operates the Stardrop Saloon, has probably written this note, which lists ''loved'' gifts of a few NPCs.

It''s a copy of a stranger''s diary...

...There are only a few "older" bachelors in town, and none of them are perfect! Harvey is really anxious and weak, but I know he will make a loyal and devoted husband. He prefers coffee and pickles.

Elliott is a bit foppish and melodramatic, but has a nice chin. He prefers crab cakes and pomegranates.

Shane is agitated and anti-social. I believe his gruff exterior is a defense mechanism, which protects his texture from the world. He likes Beer, Pizza, and Pepper Poppers.

This note enables you not only to provide enough information about some of the NPC''s love gifts, but also to tell you which are the "older" bachelors in Stardew Valley, and a little about their personalities.

Haley and Emily, good luck

Hope you and Emily are enjoying their holidays! We''ve sent you some of your favorite treats: Pink Cake and Sunflowers for Haley, Gemstones, and Wool for Emily!

-Love Mom and Dad

This letter is of benefit because it gives you an insight into Haley and Emily''s "Loved" gifts, but it also provides one of the few occasions when we hear from or about the sisters'' parents.

Alex''s Strength Training Diet:

*Complete Breakfast

*Salmon Dinner

(I''ve learned to love this food... I''ve had the capacity to express the protein!)

This note, supposedly written by Alex, details a couple of ''Loved'' meals.

You must have completed the quest ''Qui''s Challenge'' by reaching level 25 in the Skull Cavern to get this Secret Note.

Someone is wholly different.

Waiting for you is all there.

On level 100, there is a chance to see someone else.

In this book, you will find a chapter.

The Future of Sustainability

The skull cavern...

After reading this Secret Note, you''ll receive the quest ''Cryptic Note,'' which requires you to reach the 100th level of the Skull Cavern.

If you need help, we have a website that offers information on how to do this enormous feat.

Mr. Qi will hand over Iridium Snake Milk to your health to continue to increase by 25 points once you leave the country.

A young Marnie and Jas on the farm with several animals is a fascinating photo.

This Secret Note isn''t a problem, but it''s just a nice piece of world-building.

On lovely days, I''ve found a few things wrong by looking in the garbage cans.

Sometimes you''ll discover the ''dish of the day'' behind the saloon... often fresh!

For dessert, I''ll use the Mullners'' can to select cookies.

Check the blacksmith''s and museum cans to see treasures.

This note, probably written by Linus, shows you how to utilize trash cans to loot items (and what you might find in each can). It should be noted, however, that if you do it while an NPC is near they will be disgruntled and you will lose friendship points with them.

Linus refers to luck, which says that if you loot the garbage on a high-luck day (check with the fortune-teller) you''ll be more likely to find the items he''s describing.

SHARP for 12 o''clock is the last day of the season. Check the bush above the playground.

Follow the instructions below on any day 28, share a picnic over the playground (tucked into a little nook in the cliff) and find a special decorative item: a Junimo Plush!

I''ve hid something behind the community center.

Walk along the back of the building towards the fence until resistance is erupted. Use a pickaxe or a hoe and hit the item blocking your path, which means you''ll get the Stone Junimo statue!

1-5-4-2-3 Mermaid Show

After the Mermaid''s show is finished, click on the shells in the order listed in the note (shown on the image above) and you''ll receive a Pearl. This can only be done once for each farmer.

[An image of a red X seen above some train tracks and next to a cliff.]

This letter instructs you to dig up a Treasure Chest! The area you''re looking for, which is shown in the note, is next to a boulder north of the Railroad tracks and the Bathhouse.

[An image of a red X standing next to a river, beside a cliff, and near a small bridge.]

By digging where this Secret Note tells you to, you''ll receive a green Strange Doll (which can be donated to the Museum). The location you''re looking for is straightforward to find, because it is just north of JojaMart.

[An image of a red X placed near a bench in a sandy area.]

[An image of a red X marked in a sandy spot near a bench.]

To dig up this treasure (a yellow Strange Doll) you''ll need to complete all of the bundles in the Vault room of the Community Center. Then, you''ll have the opportunity to dig in the marked spot in this area!

You''ll need to complete all of the bundles in the Vault room of the Community Center to dig up this treasure (a yellow Strange Doll). Then, you may dig in the marked area in the far south of this area to discover the Strange Doll!

[An image of a blue house with a string of arrows below it.]

[An image of a blue house with a string of arrows below it.]

The blue house in the image is 1 Willow Lane (Jodi, Sam, Kent, and Vincent''s house). You may have assumed that you must start directly in front of the door to the house and follow the arrows - you''d be right! Unlike moving one square in the provided direction, you need to go in that direction as far as you can until you encounter an obstacle, like a bush, tree, and bench. This is the order:

The blue house in the image is 1 Willow Lane (Jodi, Sam, Kent, and Vincent''s house). You may have thought that you should start directly inside the door to the house and follow the arrows, but you''d be wrong! In the right direction, you must go straight to the right direction. You must go in that direction as far as you can until you encounter an obstacle, such as a bush, a tree, and a bench. This is the order:

When you arrive at the final destination (behind Mayor Lewis'' house), you should simply stand on the tile you''ve installed and interact with it (right-click on PC).

A statue of Lewis made from solid gold will be given to you. It''s apparently funny.

If you place it anywhere you want, you may have a special extra secret. The statue will be replaced with a Rotten Plant the next and you''ll receive a letter in the mail.

If you did not leave my PRIVATE items in town for all to see, I''m completely dissatisfied!Take this money and never speak of my "project" to anyone in the future.

If you were hesitant to put my PRIVATE belongings in town for everyone to see, I''d appreciate it in the future! I''m completely dissatisfied!Take this money and never speak of my''project'' to anyone.

The statue will remain visible, although after you receive this letter, it has a 90% chance of appearing in Lewis'' bedroom and a 10% chance of appearing in Marnie''s bedroom.

The statue will remain around, and after you receive this letter, it has a 90% chance of appearing in Lewis'''' bedroom, and a 10% chance of appearing in Marnie''s bedroom.

[An image of a grey patch, with a red circle surrounding a green circle, and a series of arrows beneath it.]

[A picture of a grey patch with a red circle, which includes a green circle, and a series of arrows beneath them.]

What you''re looking at is actually the town square in Pelican Town. The image is directing you to stand on the center square and follow the arrows to receive a reward.

You want to stay in the direction of the arrow for as long as possible. Once the player encounters an obstacle, like a tree, a bush, or a structure, move in the direction of the next arrow. In this case, the directions are:

Following this path, you''ll get a truck near JojaMart. Interacting with it will allow you to talk to the driver, who requests that you bring them a Rabbit''s Foot. If you do, you''ll get a Special Charm, increasing your chances.

[An image of a hand-drawn map to a bush, with a clock and a moon.]

[An image of a hand-drawn map to a bush, with a clock and a moon.]

This map is pointing you to a bush near the bridge in Pelican Town that leads to the beach. At exactly 12:40 am (at night), a surprised Marnie and Lewis will arrive! There is no physical benefit - just sweet satisfaction.

Greetings [Farmer]...Have you found my''secret'' in the dark tunnel? I look forward to meeting you soon! Qi

Hello, [Farmer]...Have you discovered my "secret" in the dark tunnel? I look forward to meeting you! Qi

The "secret in the dark tunnel" it refers to is in the tunnel out of town that you can get to by taking a bus (which you may take to the Calico Desert) and going west. If you interact with the wall in the center of the tunnel, you''ll complete this Secret Note and begin the tunnel.

Check out our comprehensive guide to learn how to complete the entire ''The Mysterious Qi'' quest.

If you can reed dis, come to seecrit wuds. Pleez bring may-pal serrup.

If you can reed dis... come to seecrit wuds. Pleez bring may-pal serrup.

After reading this Secret Note, you will begin searching for the''Strange Note.''

Follow the instructions in the note to get some Maple Syrup and bring it to the Secret Woods (between 6am and 7pm). You''ll have an interaction with a talking bear and be rewarded with its exceptional knowledge of strawberries (meaning you can sell Blackberries and Salmonberries for three times as much).

The following is a link from M. Jasper''s book: "Forest Spirits" or "Junimos" are said to be showing signs of progress in abandoned buildings after they''ve "gone to seed." But as a general rule, the Junimos will undoubtedly appear, and all these statements are proven from dubious, unified sources... As far as I know, even the mere existence of these creatures has never been demonstrated!

The Junimos, known as "Forest Spirits" or "Junimos," are described in abandoned structures as "folk evidence." But as a general rule, the Junimos will undoubtedly appear when humans leave, and nature begins to reclaim her territory... But all these claims have been proven from unfounded, unintentional sources!

This Secret Note is meant to give you a kickback: If you put a foraged mineral, gem, or geode mineral into a Junimo Hut, it will alter the color of the Junimos who live there to harvest your crops. In general, the Junimos will change the same color as the stone you use.

I''ve ''borrowed'' a necklace from Mom, but it was lost somewhere near the bathroom house, and she''ll be freaked out if she notices it.

I''m''borrowed'' a necklace from Mom, but it was lost somewhere near the bath house... She''ll freak out if she notices it is missing.

If you''re looking for the lost necklace, you''ll be able to fishing in that tiny lake just outside the Spa (as long as it''s summer, spring, or fall). You''ll catch an ''Ornate Necklace'' and may send it to either Caroline (you''ll earn 50 friendship points with her) or Abigail (you''ll earn 100 friendship points with her).