Maya Hawke of Stranger Things starts off on Robin's queer journey

Maya Hawke of Stranger Things starts off on Robin's queer journey ...

The spoilers for Stranger Things follow.

Maya Hawke, star of Stranger Things, has spoken forth about her queer journey on Robin Buckley.

Robin was introduced in season 3 as Steve''s co-worker at the ice cream store, who came out as a lesbian after revealing his crush on her. In the newly-released season 4, she has her own crush, including the hots for a young girl named Vickie.

"A lot of the time, gay people nowadays are able to be gay without acting on it, they don''t have to kiss someone, or have something that really be a major focus of their story," Hawke said.

"Not that there''s a lot of kissing in the season there. There may or may not be kissing. But there are believable feelings and a real story that gets made and that feels like a great step for Robin.

"And a really cool step for queer characters in science fiction that I''m very happy about."

It''s a bit more complicated to determine whether Will Byers is deer or deer, as the plot suggests that he''s jealous of Eleven and Mike''s blossoming romance, because he''s susceptible to either of them.

Finn Wolfhard of Mike recently told Digital Spy that Will had a "more admirable, kind of heartfelt, romantic affection" for Mike, while David Harbour of Chief Hopper said "Will is not interested in El." He''s likely to come out as homosexual in the next phase of the season.

Season 4 of Stranger Things will be released on Netflix on July 1st.