The Top 10 Gym Leader Teams With the Highest Average Base Attack Stat in Pokemon

The Top 10 Gym Leader Teams With the Highest Average Base Attack Stat in Pokemon ...

Various gym leaders face off against each other in each Pokemon game, revealing that players will fill roles, explore new worlds, and quirky NPCs to meet along the way. However, we know why was playing: to help our monsters fight. Throughout your adventures, youll encounter many of them, who are charged with seeing if you have got what it takes to become a Pokemon Master.

Who of these specialists is capable of eliminating the most damage? By collecting each team''s base attacks and averaging them out, leaders have a broad range of power. Each gym has its own challenges and leader levels are consistent with your accomplishment, but certain ones are even more likely to face their sheer, unfiltered offense.

In Pokemon, ten Giovanni Hits Harder: Let''s Go

Giovanni, the man in charge of Team Rocket, might be the next star in your side. He is the leader of the Viridian City Gym in five of the main series games, but at no point does he do as much damage as he does in this Kanto remake.

His Dugtrio has an average base attack of 80, while Nidoking and Nidoqueen have an average base attack of 82 and 92 respectively. However, Rhydon, who comes out swinging with a base attack of130, is also a popular character from the list.

Pokemon Has A Sword And A Shield With 9 Kabu

The leader of the Motostoke Stadium, Kabu, is rolling through an early battle with ease, starting with Ninetails at a 76 base attack and Arcanine picking things up at 110, but his Centiskorch is the meanest of the three. It is not only the first Gigantamax Pokemon you encounter in a gym fight, but it also attacks with a heavy 115 base attack.

The Kabus team, although not the most demanding in Galar, has their own. His fearsome fire-types heat things up with a hot 100.33 average base attack.

8 Volkners Shocking Choice In Pokemon: Diamond And Pearl

Volkner is sure to impress you with his talents by rounding out the gyms in the Sinnoh area. Although only two of the four Pokemon from the electric gym are actually electric-types, all of them punch. Raichu has a base attack of 90, Ambipom sneaks up with a 100, and Octillerys tentacles are swinging at 105. His Luxray, however, is where youre really in for a fight it has a number of offensive moves, and a base attack

Youe looking at a hair-raising average base attack of103.75 in Diamond and Pearl. Although not as high, his slightly-different teams average of 99.5 in Platinum is equally jolting.

Pokemon: Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum: 7 Crasher Wake

The Pastoria City Gym''s fight against these tough water-type Pokemon will be nothing short of a wash. While Crasher Wake glides through the fight with his Quagsire, who brings a base attack of 85, as well as his fast-moving Floatzel at 105. Its Gyarados who is the team''s anchor.

With its 125 base attack, The Atrocious Pokemon brings a real disaster to your organization. Altogether, the team can easily hose yours with its 105 average base attack.

Pokemon: Black & White 2 Clay Crushes

The Clays clays is a normal-mode wonder-team in Black & White 2 at the Driftveil City Gym that is really useful to your business. His Krokorok has an 82 base attack, and Sandslash has an 82 base attack. Nevertheless, when you reach his Excadrill and its 135, youll have to tumble down. It has immunity to poison and electric and is also resistant to an additional eight types of attack.

Clays'' normal mode team gets out with an average base attack of 105.67, although his team proves challenging in the Challenge Mode of the sequels.

In Pokemon: Sword And Shield, 5 Raihans Break Deep, Flies High, and Hits Hard

Raihan and his dragons are not to be messed with. Your battle at the focal Hammerlocke Stadium will be one of the toughest of your time in Galar. Flygon and Sandaconda follow with a 100 and 107 respectively.

His Duraludon is comparatively weak at a95 base attack, but the challenge is a Gigantamax form, which has improved health and a G-Move that lowers the PP of your moves. Together, these dragon-types have surpassed a combined 109.25 base attack.

Pokemon: Sword Fights Like She Means Bea

If you choose between how youll experience theGalar Region, then you already know what a heavy-hitter you encounter in Stow-on-Side. Hitmontop starts the fight with a 95 base attack, followed by Pangoro at a powerful 124.

Her Sirfetchd the Galarian Farfetchd era, which, like Bea, is only availablein Sword is her star player, who is firing with a 135 base attack. Finally, her Gigantamax Machamp is much stronger than her Shield counterpart for Stow-on-Side Stadium, flexing a team with a combined 121 base attack.

Three Draydens Dragons Decisively Dominate In Pokemon: Black & White 2

Drayden, the mayor of New York City, and his dragons fly into Normal Mode in Black & White 2 ready to deal damage at the Opelucid City Gym. Flygon is the weakest of three at a flat 100, while his Druddigon is in the middle at 120. His Haxorus, though, commands a 147 base attack.

The trio boasts a combined 122.33 attack stat. However, its not the best his team ever in the Pokemon series. Its his best in the sequels, as well, but his previous team is just a bit higher.

In Pokemon: White, 2 Iris puts our team in the red.

While she and Drayden might have the same team in terms of Pokemon in Black and White, Iris stands out with her all-female dragon-type team. Where Iris in the prequels soars higher than Drayden''s, is in one choice using Fraxure, which has a base attack of 117, rather than Flygon, with a base attack of 100.

She''s also got a Druddigon with a base attack of 120 and the same mean-looking Haxorus at 147, so no matter who she sends out, she''s not going down without a fight. You''d better be prepared to stand up against her team''s 128 combined base attack.

Normal Types in Normans Are Anything But In Pokemon: Ruby And Sapphire

Dad? Sure, Norman might not be who you expected in the top spot; typical early-game rules are usually fast-paced, but his isn''t the solely dangerous one. Although Norman is certainly a threat with an 80 base attack, its not his heaviest hitter. Not only does he have Slaking, who has a 160 base attack, but you must dismantle two of them.

In Emerald, he swaps one out for Spinda and Linoone, but, although Slakings Truant said it only attacks once every other turn, it strikes harder than both of them combined. With two Slakings on his team in Ruby, Sapphire, and their remakes, the Normans team reclaims our top spot with a surprising average base attack stat of 133.33.