Kanto: Revisiting - Why Do We Not Attend A Cruise On The S.S. Anne?

Kanto: Revisiting - Why Do We Not Attend A Cruise On The S.S. Anne? ...

My fellow travelers have wished you luck last week. Vermilion City, the city''s most peaceful and joyful destination, was taken off by not one, but two of the city''s friendly residents. I''ve seen Kanto as a tourist for over three months, and I''ve tried to get a sense of why it is so beneficial and durable. After Vermilion, this week it''s all aboard the South Anne.

No true trip on the SouthS. Anne is complete without going into the truck with your forehead and sheer force of will. I tried, and much to my surprise, a Mew was under there! So, I tossed it in the ocean and then landed it on my life. Now, let''s get it right!

It''s been a while since I played Pokemon Blue, so I had believed that my memory was doing a trick on me. I had received a certificate from a knowledgeable (and most) scientist, and the day my flight was done. This false statement was completely true, and it appears to me that getting off after a quick tour might have saved Jack and Rose a lot of pain. However, if you get off after a lengthy tour, it''s best to just go around the ship for a little while.

The whole thing about this playthrough is to experience Kanto beyond the gameplay, but the S.S. Anne is a series of small rooms in which old men fight with Machop and various Water types. It''s just a bunch of tiny rooms, though you may have missed a drop on deck - it''s probably better than Titanic.

With Let''s Go, you might have thought about imagining Vermilion''s disappearing into the fog, and the salty sea''s splendor, a lot of danger, and the immense pleasure of an ocean that reminds us of how trivial our place in the world really is. Instead, we''re just floating there in the port with nothing to do. I''m optimistic that a few of the next landmarks will not disappoint me.

We''re ten years old on the journey of a lifetime, and we aren''t sure why do we get off while staying at port, for example. We just want to get gym badges because we like it. What you know? A free cruise!

We get off the ship and it starts sail immediately, but it feels like an absolutely useless hint that the whole seasickness task was a ploy to get us off the ship because everyone loves us. Anyway, next week we''ll be exploring Diglett''s Cave and the Rock Tunnel, and we''re not enjoying a free cruise for some reason.