Six Changes to Make the Citizen Sleeper From Good to Good

Six Changes to Make the Citizen Sleeper From Good to Good ...

Citizen Sleeper is an absolutely stunning game. A narrative-focused game combining extraordinary storytelling and a D&D-style dice rolling system, Citizen Sleeper is one of the finest sci-fi movies to arrive in a long time. Unlike many of its predecessors in the genre, it does not spend much time borrowing ideas from traditional sci-fi stories like The Matrix or Blade Runner.

Citizen Sleeper is a must-play for sci-fi enthusiasts and avid readers of visual novels. It''s very clearly a game developed by a smaller audience, with significant skills and capabilities to make the game even better.

6 Voice Acting

The game''s narrative is vivid, and the characters feel real, and the writers clearly put their best work into this game, in effect, the script itself would probably not benefit from any rewrites. However, voice acting is the problem.

If the developers were to add voice acting to a later update and ensure that they got people who fit the lovely designs, this games already excellent narration would be elevated to another level entirely. While there is always the danger of the voice acting failing to match the character properly, the danger is worth it. Adding an option to eliminate voices would ensure nothing is lost.

5 Fast Travel

The Eye is a breathtaking and impressive map. However, having the game playable on Xbox Game Pass, the cursor speed was just never as high as it should. One way to do this, which is not simply asking us to play on PC instead, is to make a fast travel system. Once you have arrived, you should be able to click a few buttons and travel there automatically.

Perhaps it''s too much to travel to each interactive area, but what''s good about having the ability to rapidly travel to each other after discovering it? It''s beneficial to reduce the amount of unnecessary travel time of each day, and greatly improve the experience, particularly for newcomers.

4 Clearer Objective Markers

When you receive a new quest, it is added to your pseudo-journal and you are able to track it. When you track it, the objective appears on the area you need to go to. There are two main issues with this.

First off, when you have just begun the game and have no idea where to go or where to go, it can be frustrating to find out where you need to go. Finally, if your objective is on a different map, you arent told to go to that map. On top of that, no marker will appear at any time. As a result, it''s easy to miss a couple of quests until you happen to revisit new areas several hours in.

3 Turning Off Auto Saves

Although this game has a constant autosaving, you need to be patient with your choices, even if the game is seemingly unanswered. Often, you won''t get the outcome you want the first time playing, and it encourages multiple playthroughs. However, most gamers want to achieve the desired outcome immediately if you intend to play the game several times.

This game autosave system is a bit stifling, which can only be fixed after a one-hour session to get to where you were. While it isn''t a huge issue, it''s a great move.

2 More Variety From Classes

The classes are deciding two things: what portrait your sleeper will have for the duration of the game, and how you can start with it. This is unfortunately unavoidable. At a certain point, everyone''s character has the exact same skill set and is only differentiated by their portrait.

While the game emphasises more narrative, which shines brightly, it is a shame that the uniqueness of the character has to suffer. In a game based entirely on our preferences, why not make one of our greatest choices?

1 An Alignment System

A final improvement that stems from BioWare RPG fame is a uniform system. Your character may be a genuine good person or a big jerk. While the narrative effects are plentiful, there is nothing that can directly impact your choices in the game.

The changes you make on the world are fantastic, but it''s nice to have an alignment meter that allows you to lie easier if youre a bit of jerk. It might be useful to include someone who is both a bit more likely to believe you if youre a good guy. Although it isn''t necessary by any means, it would be a refreshing addition to make your character feel more like a character and less like something only for others to interact with.