How to Create a Card Catalog in the Lost Ark

How to Create a Card Catalog in the Lost Ark ...

Lost Ark offers a variety of ways to make your character stronger. From honing your gear to getting the best runes for your abilities, there''s always a lot to do.

The Card Catalog, an often-overlooked system, allows you to select up to six cards that are beneficially combined, giving small, but effective rewards. This system does not have any drawbacks, however. With the Card Catalog cap being reduced to 120, it is common for players to run out of room for new cards.

After collecting rewards from quests or dungeons, you may have noticed that your Card Catalog is full, and youre is incapable of using new cards in your inventory. If you cant figure out how to expand your Card Catalog, here''s how.

How to expand Lost Arks Card Catalog

The only way to increase the space in your Card Catalog is by using Crystals. Fortunately, it doesnt cost too much and is relatively straightforward to do, therefore if you still want to expand your Card Catalog, follow these instructions:

  • Press Alt + C to open your Cards tab.
  • Head to the Enhance tab near the top-left of the screen.
  • Scroll down until you see Expand Catalog Slots.
  • Pay 30 Crystals to expand your Card Catalog.

You may delete cards you currently own in the Enhance tab of your Card Catalog, outside of using Crystals to expand your catalog. Press the mouse to remove your card, then enter the bottom right corner.