A newborn child has taken the role of a Sims 2 player

A newborn child has taken the role of a Sims 2 player ...

The Sims has been a staple in the video game world since the original title and its subsequent expansion packs were introduced more than 20 years ago. However, some people prefer to play the older ones. Sometimes extra features and a more polished product don''t work for some people. They prefer a game where a newborn child shows up unexpectedly and reproach you for cheating on his father.

No, it''s not a randomly pieced-together comparison of some of the weird stuff used to be on older Sims games. This is actually something that happened to a Sims 2 player very recently, and by sharing their knowledge on Reddit, they discover it isn''t an isolated incident. My sim''s newborn baby is furious with her mother (who no longer lives in the same house) and is constantly showing up at her new home, according to a statement.

In the comments, the blue-haired woman pictured in the picture cheated on her partner and when rumbled, she and her older child were kicked out of the house. This all outweighed, but the poor little newborn baby was so fortunate that she now lives in a house without its mother. It''s a reason why it keeps popping up on the sidewalk outside her new house, but no.

According to subrosashredder, the reason the newborn continues to turn up outside its mom''s new house is because it''s angry that she cheated. The Redditor relocates items around to delete the baby, thus sending it back to its own house, only for the newborn to continue returning. While the baby is apparently developed enough to be thankful for her actions.

This is not a strange bug or something that has only happened to them, according to the OP who shared this story. One of the replies suggests something similar happened following a love triangle between Sims founders Don, Dina, and Mortimer, and seeing this unfold for someone else has finally explained why it happened. Another suggests that after a falling out with the Unsavory Charlatan character, he would continue to be outside their house, even though he was brave enough to come in and play video games one time.