In the game, an Elden Ring player selects Michael Jackson

In the game, an Elden Ring player selects Michael Jackson ...

Elden Ring may have been released a few months ago, but the game is still expanding among its players. One character is the creator, with one player using the tool to create a Doppelganger, a famous musician.

Elden Ring has surpassed the number of times it has ever become so popular. There are numerous obstacles and obstacles that players will need to battle through in order to win the game. There is also the fact that the character creator tool is so advanced and detailed that it does not appear to be a limit to the kind of heroes people can make. Sometimes they are making identical actors or musicians, and placing them in the middle of this frightening world.

Since the game was launched, Reddit user oEmersonKs has made a few tweaks of the Elden Ring creation tool. One of his most recent characters is a recreation of one of Michael Jackson''s most famous musicians. A couple of photos of this new work, showing one version of Jackson with his long hair down and another with the hair tucked up a bit.

Making real people has become more popular in the last few months. Originally characters like Spawn and Hellboy were all the rage, mainly because it seemed like it would be fun to have that kind of character fighting in the Elden Ring world. However, getting real people like Benedict Cumberbatch, Johnny Depp, and even Michael Jackson have become more popular, especially with people like oEmersonKs.

Once the picture was uploaded, more than a few Redditors started having a bit of fun with the creation, writing jokes based on Jackson''s library of work. One of the highlights was a play on the lyrics from "Smooth Criminal," in which Jackson sings "Annie is you okay?" The lyrics for this time were "Maiden are you okay? Are you okay Maiden?"

While a number of other Redditors made jokes about songs and other concepts of Jackson that are well known, some users simply wanted to discover the sliders that they had used to recreate Michael Jackson on their own. One thing that has become quite clear with the detail presented by the character creator is that players may make extremely realistic Elden Ring characters, even if they don''t want to necessarily make it seem as though it''s the man in the mirror.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PS4, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.