What is the correct way to get Mark Harmon back in season 20 of NCIS?

What is the correct way to get Mark Harmon back in season 20 of NCIS? ...

At some point, we fully believe thatNCIS will bring mark Mark Harmon back to the program. However, we do not think it will be coming about immediately. Some things do not need to be rushed, and we do not believe that they will bring Gibbs back immediately.

Is it during season 20 at some point? We cant rule it out, and we believe there are some methods to make a return happen.

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Consider the idea of a case from his past that they need his help to resolve. This creates a specific need for him and him specifically, which is different from him simply assisting on a random mission. Although we entertained the idea of returning to Alaska, things might take countless left turns and hed be completely out of the loop.

Another possibility? He comes back for a personal reason, whether it be an important milestone in a friend''s life (take Fornell) or a person experiencing a significant life change. If Palmer and Knight marry, would he return for that? He does not know Jessica as well, but he has served Jimmy for over two decades!

The last thing we have to say is that he is returning becauseheneeds the teams help with something, but it must be pretty specific. Otherwise, why should he just notify them about it over the phone?

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