Final Fantasy 16 is expected to confirm Clive and Ifrit theory

Final Fantasy 16 is expected to confirm Clive and Ifrit theory ...

Final Fantasy 16 is coming to an end with a second trailer and a release window. While the game''s polishing process will take a while longer than some users anticipated, it might still be released three years after its completion, which is a good sign. The fact that the game is already playable from beginning to finish is a good thing, and the remainder year of development should give Creative Business Unit 3 the required time to ensure its completion.

The second FF16 trailer examines a lot of the points made in the first. War is raging in the medieval fantasy region of Valisthea, and whether it likes it or not, the Grand Duchy of Rosaria is being swept up in the conflict. Players take control of Clive Rosfield, the firstborn son of the Archduke and the bodyguard for his younger brother, but that doesn''t explain Clive''s own Dominant-like abilities. However, the development in the second

Fans have been ecstatic about Clive''s connections to Ifrit for a while.

The game''s most famous promotional photographs show a grown-up Clive with Phoenix and Ifrit giggling on him in a dark environment. This in itself did not have any meaning, but Clive''s left arm, he seems to be in touch with a violent inferno. Clive''s arm in this art is dark and gnarled in a manner most similar to Ifrit''s.

Given Clive''s modesty after the time skip, it makes sense that Ifrit''s Hellfire would be associated with his vengeful character. However, the way the trailers have been shot thus far imply that Joshua, Phoenix''s Dominant, is killed in combat with a red-eyed Ifrit. However, the dangers of Eikon being carried out by proxy would be frightening, although this is unlikely to happen here.

Final Fantasy 16''''s Many Mysterious Eikons

The various summoners in Final Fantasy 10 are individually granted to each summoner who finds them at the end of the FF16 second trailer. Unlike the same examples, a shot of Clive rises to a blue-eyed Ifrit charging forward and punching another Ifrit. However, the initial claim in the first trailer that the two Eikons of Fire were triggered in a cutscene to fight one another.

All of this information has just gone to demonstrate how little they know about Final Fantasy 16. From what can be gathered from the second trailer''''s narration, there may be a group of Dominants seeking power in Valisthea, and the current Dominant of Eikon Ifrit may have been charged with assassinating the current and future Archdukes and destabilizing Rosaria. This person may succeed, but is stunned by Clive''s surprise awakening as another Dominant of Ifrit, who is

What Can Be Gleaned From Clive and Ifrit''s Link?

The double meaning behind the logo and Clive''s aged-up render has become clear. Clive''s capabilities and abilities vary in scale, depending on Joshua''s blessing, allowing him to teleport, use Fire magic, and employing various special techniques. Clive may be reluctant to invoke Ifrit outside of situations because to the political mire surrounding Dominants and his own grudge against the beast.

It seems that fans who linked Clive to Ifrit bothered in the end. This raises a lot of questions about how putting a magic magic on Final Fantasy 16 is effective. As the Blight situation looms in the background, and the death of Clive is still adamant. It''s a pleasure to get acquainted with Final Fantasy 16''s mysteries once it''s closer to its release.

PS5 will release Final Fantasy 16 in summer 2023.