Nick Cannon Gets Real About How Involved He Is In His Kids Before His Eighth Childs Birth

Nick Cannon Gets Real About How Involved He Is In His Kids Before His Eighth Childs Birth ...

Nick Cannon has gained a bit of a reputation in the eyes of the public for being a very fertile guy. He already had seven children in total, four of whom were born in the last two years alone. However, the former Nickelodeon star got a sense of accomplishment ahead of his retirement.

Nick Cannon, who has 41 years old, is still affluent in the entertainment industry, from hosting on The Masked Singer to directing his own daytime talk show recently. Despite all of this arithmetic making things seem somewhat confusing, Cannon himself admits it quite simple in his book. Mens Health:

Contrary to popular belief, im likely active throughout my childrens day, more often than the average adult can be. If im not physically in the same city with my kids, im talking to them before they get to school via FaceTime and stuff. And then when I am [in the same city, im] driving my kids to school, like making sure I pick up everything. Im also involved in everything from coaching to having guitar lessons with my daughter every week.

The Wild N Out alum is believed to refer mostly to the two older children from his previous marriage to Mariah Carey (who he was reportedly planning to woo back of late). Those three children are all under the age of 5 and have their sons named Zen and Alyssa Scott, who have two children aged 5 to 5.

Nick Cannon''s baby will be born with a Bre Tiesi. Although the date for the baby''s death hasn''t been officially confirmed, Tiesi was already showing a slight baby bump back in January when they made that controversial announcement, and it has been six months since then, nevertheless, you can do the math.

In the lead up to the birth, the actor has been scoffing constant chatter about his circumstances. In May, he shared a candid Insta snap of two of his kids together (who are usually half-siblings in this case) with a caption sifting all the gossipers online. In addition, Nick Cannon also revealed in a more recent interview that he would get a vasectomy consultation so that not to populate the Earth completely, as some thought or joked would happen

Though his personal life is a little clearer today, his company endeavors are a somewhat different story. After one season, his self-titled talk show on YouTube got canceled. The following day, a number of short-running shows got the axe.

Nick Cannon is still a host and executive producer of The Masked Singer on Fox, a popular competition series that just revealed the Season 7 winner during its finale last month. Fans can check out all of those episodes with a Hulu subscription. Be sure you''re keeping up with the latest news about Lucky #8''s arrival!