During the Boss Fight, a Taurus Demon jumps off the rock

During the Boss Fight, a Taurus Demon jumps off the rock ...

Demons Souls was the first stage of FromSoftwares Soulsborne releases, but it was the original Dark Souls that pushed the developer to the ground. It has built a huge legacy for itself, and it is no surprise that it is still being played a decade later.

The Taurus Demon, one of the many bosses players will encounter when they leave the safety of the Firelink Shrine. What makes it a bit tough is its arena. The Taurus Demon is a huge beast that is enormous, yet players are stuck on a thin walkway that does not feel like it was designed to accompany the creatures.

While some Dark Souls players will try to climb up to the wall to give them a circular space to fight the Taurus Demon, or switch between the high and low ground to allow its slow jump animation to occur, Redditor mjoh7003 was able to maneuver the Taurus Demon on the walkway. Despite a lack of space, the Redditor was doing a good job of maneuvering under certain attacks and moving away from others. However, something unexpected quickly happened.

The Taurus Demon was able to climb the high ground after facing empty space outside the wall, leading it to death. While bosses often kill themselves in Elden Ring and FromSoftwares, it is a pleasure to see how long bugs have passed.

The post with the Dark Souls community has improved significantly with over 3,500 upvotes since it was posted. In the comments, players pointed out other bosses who had a history of falling to their death, like Iron Golem. Others said the Taurus Demon was afraid of the Redditor and chose to flee, citing the decision to make their character wear no pants as the reason for this change. While much of the damage is reported before.

While the original Dark Souls might not be the most difficult FromSoftware game, it still has its limitations. For this Redditor, the Taurus Demon was not one of them, as they essentially received its Humanity and a Homeward Bone for free.

Dark Souls: Remastered is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.