Fans are unable to get over the DWTS Champ's brutal run

Fans are unable to get over the DWTS Champ's brutal run ...

A Dancing With the Stars champion shared a photo of herself with shiny hair for a photoshoot for her brand.

While holding a bottle of her Spade and Sparrows wine, Kaitlyn Bristowe was doing a promotion for Dew Edit. She shared a photo of herself as a blond bombshell with bangs.

Where do my Geminis stand? Bristowe captioned the photo. A few other shots from the photoshoot were shared on Dew Edits Instagram page. In the photographs, Bristowe had a massive scrunchie on her wrist, sharing her newest collection with her social media followers.

Here''s all you need to know about it:

Several people believed Bristowe looked great with blonde hair.

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Bristowe wore retro white sunglasses, a sparkly silver cropped top, and a pair of cream-colored bottoms to complete the neutral look. Bristowe has dyed her hair many times over the years, but this new super blond with a deep root is a completely new look for her, which she believes will benefit them.

Short after the photoshoot, the former Bachelorette star was returning to her brunette hairdo, implying that her blonde appearance was like a wig.

Bristowes photo was shared by a few members of the Bachelor Nation, including former Bachelorette Michelle Young who chimed in, UM EXCUSE ME, and Bachelor frontrunner Paul Klee who added, Stopppp.

Other fans expressed their support for the Bristowes charm.

Holy s*** I love this picture so freakn much!! Youre absolutely stunning, one comment.

Is this your Pamela? Someone else writes, referring to Pamela Anderson.

In her prime, you look like Goldie Hawn, which is a huge compliment, eh?especially since she still looks [fire] today, a new Instagram user has added.

Omg, i love this lewk, according to a fourth person.

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The Pride Edit, a Bristowes latest scrunchie collection, has been dubbed on May 24, 2022.

An edit I have been dreaming of! I wanted to create a Pride edit to honor LGBTQI+ communities for their strength, positivity, and respecting themselves- regardless of how much they have to fight. I cannot imagine what it would be like to constantly be challenged for being who you are. This entire edit is designed to express who you are, unapologetically. The caption on the page will be helpful.

The oversized scrunchie, which s on her wrist in some of her promotional photos, is called Not, Not Extra, and is sold out online as of June 1, 2022. The same scrunchie in black with rainbow stars is called Dewin The Most, and it is also sold out.

Incredibly pleased with the value and support I received from this edit. One of my absolute favourite collections to date. If you''re looking to celebrate Pride Month and support @encircletogether this entire edit screams EXTRA, Dew Edit captioned a pic of Bristowe alongside Conor McKenzie who also posed with a scrunchie.

Several people have commented on the photos, many of whom said they either need the scrunchies or they are picked them up.