Amid misleading reports, a RHONJ star reveals how Luis Ruelas behaves

Amid misleading reports, a RHONJ star reveals how Luis Ruelas behaves ...

In season 12, Luis Ruelas joined The Real Housewives of New Jersey with his greatest of welcomes. From the beginning, Ruelas'' past was brought up, and several individuals had concerns about him.

Teresa Giudice''s girlfriend was very protective of him throughout the season, but she didn''t hesitate to begin discussions with anyone who raised eyebrows about Ruelas'' intentions or integrity. This resulted in a conflict between Giudice and Margaret Josephs, which sparked in the cast''s trip to Nashville.

Andy Cohen, the host of the RHONJ dinner, asked Ruelas about some of the things people saw, some of the concerns that people had, and he responded immediately while remaining level-headed.

There have been a number of incidents circulating about Ruelas, including that he was involved in a $1.6 million bankruptcy lawsuit. Despite his alleged involvement in a police investigation from 2012, Ruelas allegedly pushed his ex-wife, Marisa DiMartino, into a metal pole.

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Frank Catania Called Ruelas Articulate

Louie A. Ruelas'' post (@louiearuelas) has been shared.

Frank Catania spoke on the The Morning Toast podcast on May 24, 2022, discussing RHONJ''s season 12 and Ruelas. He seemed to have fit in nicely with House Husbands, but he had a really tough first season, and Catania saw it first hand.

Luis is still going through it, according to Catania. With social media, the posts, and Teresa defending him, he continued.

Teresa made a mistake, according to my opinion, by not letting Luis talk and the whole year, both myself and Joe Gorga had been telling Luis, Luis, do me a favor. Talk. Because when he talks to us and was talking, you cant help but number one, and number two, he''s very articulate.

Every time Luis comes to talk, Teresa [is] screaming and yelling. He takes away explaining what people may do, he said.

Catania Doesn''t Believe Margaret Josephs Was the Person Putting Things Out About Ruelas

Margaret Josephs (@therealmargaretjosephs) shared a post.

Throughout the season, Giudice consistently accused Josephs of misleading statements and launching nasty rumors about Ruelas. Catania was asked if she believes that Josephs was responsible for all of the stuff that was coming out about Ruelas.

Yes. Absolutely not. He said it, but I absolutely do not.

I know that Luis has some disgruntled ex-girlfriends, and I know how vocal they are. Listen, they have a lot of deep embedded hatred toward him, he said.

Margarets will not come after you unless she has got her arsenal. She builds up her arsenal and gets to the bottom of it before she mentions it, according to Catania.

Catania was asked which housewife he was most afraid of later on in the interview. His answer wasn''t all that surprising, but he admitted that Margaret Josephs was a close second. Ironically, she is the one he says he gets along with the best.