Season 12 of Call the Midwife: Helen George on a Prospective Trixie Surprise

Season 12 of Call the Midwife: Helen George on a Prospective Trixie Surprise ...

If you prepare forCall the Midwife Season 12 on BBC One, should you consider putting an end to Trixie''s situation? It appears to be that, as evidenced here, we may have a pretty exciting storyline ahead of her; she was also excited for what she might be doing!

Odds are, nevertheless, that whatever story we get for the character will begin in the Christmas Special, which is the first thing to film and precedes the upcoming season. According to the Radio Times, Helen George herself apparently referenced something we already know there will be a huge surprise coming Trixies way at some point soon. It''s really a matter of when we end up seeing it:

We get the scripts a couple of weeks before we start filming, so honestly I dont know. Trixie is lovely, there''s some really good stuff going on. Heidi [Thomas, show creator] just writes so well for the character.

Every series I see, and there''s always a surprise, Oh my God, youre kidding me, that''s going to happen to Trixie? I think that''s why the character is kept warm.

Trixie was left at the end of season 11 due to George''s maternity leave, so the producers will be making up for lost time almost immediately with this character. Despite our own self-creation attitude, we are totally prepared for some incredible/emotional surprises. (Of course, it will be difficult to top what we saw in the season 11 finale, given that this is one of the more dramatic scenes weve ever seen.)