Tanjiro Is Really a Demon Therapist, According to Demon Slayer

Tanjiro Is Really a Demon Therapist, According to Demon Slayer ...

Tanjiro Kamado is a powerful Demon Slayer in the so-called anime, and throughout the show and films he has only grown more so. However, he has an equal if not greater impact on Demons humanity than their lives. In some ways, this unique trait aids him in his battles in complex and interesting ways. It also gives a certain amount of humanity that the audience may relate to and engage with in an otherwise violent anime.

Tanjiro and his younger sister Nezukos''s life is shattered when their family is slaughtered by a demon and she is transformed into one herself. Tanjiro immediately reacts contrary to the world and defends his sisters'' lives against the first demon slayer he encounters. He is then forced by that man to pursue a career in the Demon Slayer Corps in order to protect human existence. So begins an epic training arc, followed by more than a few dead de

The First Demon

Tanjiro''s very first demon is during the demon slayer trials, which if he survives will grant him the official title of Demon Slayer. This demon is able to sabotage the pupils of Tanjiros master and thus selects him out specifically to attack. He can do so in hand-carved masks that the master creates for his disciples. Despite this past history and vitriol, Tanjiro does not lose his depreciation for his adversary.

Tanjiro does not love the demon, but acknowledges the vengeance that should be waged for the 50 deceased children. He also recognizes the truth in his demon''s death or be killed situation. However, Tanjiro received this request, taking the demon''s hand, and sending the demon to tears of gratitude. The audience was examined to a level of background on this situation that it is unlikely Tanjiro knew. In the moment of his death, he just wanted to hold someone

Tanjiro had a decent hand in every detail, regardless of how many people exist. In this way, he brought just a little bit of humanity back to the demon who had so long had dropped his own.

More Demons

Tanjiro opens his hand on his back and says he feels grateful for his parents'' sacrifices.

Tanjiro is open to demons beyond the demons that are murdered and adamantly opposed to Tanjiro''s killing his sister. This means that he is constantly confronted with the demons, but does not lose his own humanity in a blind rage and hatred against an entire species. This allows him to look into the demons as complete entities and see what they perceive.

Tanjiro the Therapist

To assist a therapists client in dealing with their own issues, Tanjiro has still been a Demon Slayer. In this way, he does not kill their client to achieve their intended goal. Be it a sense of neglect, a desire for human warmth and consolation, or acknowledging beauty and strength that had never been enough for authority figures.

Tanjiro allows each demon exactly what they are missing out of life, helps them overcome their sorrows and anger, and then assists them in surviving in the afterlife at peace. He is more than just a simple Demon Slayer, most of whom are mindless individuals blinded by rage or a thirst for power. Instead, Tanjiro never loses his own humanity and recognizes that every living thing deserves a chance at peace regardless of their history.