It Shouldn't Be Changed A Thing About Resident Evil 4

It Shouldn't Be Changed A Thing About Resident Evil 4 ...

Because gaming isn''t really capable of having a The Godfather. There is no shorthand for ''the best game ever,'' which everyone agrees on. It just is, in the annals of folklore, the best movie of all time, but it''s a shared cultural understanding. It doesn''t really matter if you personally agree, but it''s a shared sense of entitlement. Resident Evil 4 is still developing, so why is it changing everything?

We''re irritated about how janky games were utilized, and how thin our storytelling became. Then there''s the fact that games can be polished and resold on newer systems as if they''re new releases, attracting high prices and increasing sales. I''m not opposed to Resident Evil 4 being a visual tweak, although all of its perceived flaws are being thoroughly lifted out, like cellulite or pimples. The game deserves so much more.

The following is the headline on the Sony blog post that went up in response to this week''s State of Play. ''When Resident Evil 4 came out, it revolutionized the Resident Evil franchise,'' the post admits, before continuing that the game will be a''reimagining the direction, while simultaneously changing the graphics and maintaining the controls to a modern standard.'' I think this is true, however, it is not a disservice to our past.

Capcom, a game that, even with our medium''s excessive use, has been reimagined as a masterpiece. Is there a game that has improved the opening sequence? I''m not sure I''ve played one. Will it be changed today, because to fears that modern players will not experience the utterly cruelness that sets the tone for the entire affair?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake does not attempt to erase the original, but to become a metaretelling. However, Final Fantasy 7 Remake will probably see two or three sequels to tell a completely different story.

Resident Evil 4 VR has established a far greater precedent. This VR adaptation had much more motives to change things, as it had to adjust to an entirely new play form, and decided to completely modify nothing, only to offer more depth to the exploration.

It remains to be seen if the Resident Evil 4 remake will be good, but whether it is or not, matters. It''s yet another proof that our company does not care about any of its history, and that is amongst all the hype, that should make us very sad.