Kingdom Hearts' Top 10 Most Delectable Original Characters

Kingdom Hearts' Top 10 Most Delectable Original Characters ...

Kingdom Hearts celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2022, bringing more than ten different titles to the franchise - each one following Disney''s combined work.

In the era of Sora, Kairi, and Riku (as well as Yen Sid, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and others) have in some ways touched worldwide audiences with their stories of friendship, courage, conviction, and good, heart.

10 Subject X

To this day, Kingdom Hearts 3 is considered a rather divisive title. Regardless, the deep-rooted lore that the game lays out, is a particularly interesting subject from the secret reports. Subject X, an amnesiac 15-year-old girl who was "found" by Terra-Xehanort during his time as a student of Ansem the Wise, is discussed quite loosely in those same statements. Ansem is in fact essentially abducted

Isa and Lea (the human versions of Organization 13 members Axel and Saix) befriend her and discuss their initial intention of aiding her out in the final seconds of the game. Ever since then, dying-hard fans have been searching for proof that this is Skuld from the now-defunct Unchained X mobile game (an ancient keyblade wielder who hasn''t been heard from in decades)

9 Nameless Star

The Toy Box, which is widely considered one of the better worlds in the game, features the mysterious main character Yozora alongside his loved ones and friends fighting against a towering Gigas mech. Later in the game''s climax (as well as the DLC ReMind), Sora encounters the literal Nameless Star while trying to save Kairi. The Nameless Star writes about how she is desperately seeking someone closest to her.

Out of the obvious implications of these characters, the Nameless Star is considered to be of huge importance, given that she points Riku and Kairi in the direction of Quadratum (where non seulement does Yozora reside, but is the location in which Sora wakes up in the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer).

8 Riku

When it comes to Riku, fans prefer him or hate him. In the original Kingdom Hearts game, he acts as one of the primary antagonists, but is also one of the more aggressive boss fights. However, Riku has been a major asset to King Mickey and the rest of the characters featured in the entire Kingdom Hearts series.

Riku''s real benefit relates to his past fascination with darkness, which gives him the ability to tread the line between light and darkness, utilizing the best of both worlds in his arsenal against those who might harm him and his family.

7 Sora

Though his current condition is outright notwithstanding Kingdom Hearts 3, Sora is a very good egg. After all, his conviction and positive attitude are unmatched and honestly, the little details of his character truly make him shine.

Even after losing a large part of his power during the end of Dream Drop Distance, Sora keeps true to himself, his heart, and his fellow viewers. Finally, the sheer amount of characters tied to Sora''s heart is a testament to his ability to be a person.

6 Xehanort

The elderly Master Xehanort is a bit of a complicated character. On the surface, his obsession with immortality (which involves identity theft, excessive time travel, waging war, and dividing his soul) is once again considered to be the ultimate end game antagonist of the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

It''s difficult not to understand when Xehanort begins his reasoning; relocating the ancient X-Blade to restore the world equidistant to both light and darkness. This is a lofty goal, at the least.

5 Ansem The Wise

For a time, Ansem the Wise is perhaps more of an enigma than Xehanort (not to be confused with Ansem, Seeker of Darkness) and often lurks in the literal shadows, which is exemplified in Chain of Memories, where he makes his first appearance (unknown to fans at this time) as DiZ. However, no matter what form he takes, Ansem''s vast goals and beliefs have often been s

Ansem could start a slew of the more nefarious things within the series, which he was often thought to be a force for good. After all, it is Young Xehanort''s discovery of Ansem the Wise that gave him the initial idea of Nobodies and Heartless.

4 Luxord

Demyx and Luxord are just two members whose original identities (avant being Nobodies) have not yet been revealed in Organization 13: Demonyx and Luxord. In the case of Luxord, his allegiances are quite obvious, given he was last seen giving Sora a wild card for him to use in a future situation following his defeat in the last chunk of KH3, something many fans believe to be of the greatest benefit in returning Sora to the real world.

The real issue is that within the secret film at the end of ReMind, where his voice actor plays Yozora (the secret boss at the end of the game) with the same kind of inflection. Although this isn''t confirmed, the common consensus is that he knows Yozora as he asks rhetorically, "impressive, isn''t it?" Curious and curious.

3 Luxu

Fans were stunned to discover that, at the end of KH3, Xigbar had been the ancient Keyblade Master Luxu in disguise. This year, we discover Luxu is the traitor responsible for the original Keyblade War, as well as possessing the Union Leader Brain in the end of Unchained X.

With his ongoing blind devotion to the Master of Master (for centuries, potentially), he is now ready to execute whatever the next step is. That sort of unfettered commitment does not work well.

2 Yozora

What do you get when you combine Riku''s distinct appearance, similar tone, and emotional brooding attitude, but who is not Riku? Undoubtedly Yozora, the mysterious main character of the above Verum Rex (who also has a very distinct similarity to a canceled Final Fantasy game designed for the Playstation 3 generation).

Given that Yozora was able to maintain both his own and his best Sora in one of Remind''s secret endings, he should be considered a force to be reckoned with.

1 Master Of Masters

No video game character has been as angular as the enigmatic Master of Masters. He has been at the forefront of Kingdom Hearts ever since his involvement in the aforementioned Keyblade War(s) alongside his role as the head honcho of Daybreak Town and the Foretellers featured in Unchained X.

The Master is notoriously cryptic with his ideas, immediately making him an intriguing character. Equally strange is the fact that he is extremely charismatic and sceptical, all while adopting a very mild stance in the battle between light and darkness. However, there are numerous theories about his actual identity, although all dark roads are leading back to the MoM being at the core of our heroes'' ongoing problems? That does not indicate.