What will be the first day of season 2 of Yellowjackets?

What will be the first day of season 2 of Yellowjackets? ...

If you are like us, there''s already a good chance that you''re keen for someYellowjacketsseason 2 premiere date news. However, the unfortunate reality is that we were unable to wait a while here. There''s no need for Showtime to enthuse something before filming starts!

One of the big things that weve heard the network in the past is that they want Season 2 to premiere this year, but there is certainly concern at this point that this will not happen. We also wonder whether one specific schedule-related issue might cause them to shy away from a late December premiere.

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This year, we are talking about the snowfall on a Sunday. We cannot imagine the drama being ready to air before December, but is Showtime really considering launching a couple of episodes before announcing a possible hiatus? It''s possible that both the show and the New Year''s Eve are swallowed, but they also want their show to attract attention. It''s easy to imagineYellowjackets getting caught on Christmas Day (which also falls on a Sunday) and you may wonder

Of course, they might also try to be brave and air air episodes against the holidays, knowing that people will stream whenever they want. One thing we can feel confident about is that they wont premiere the whole season on December 25 or January 1. Can you imagine trying to market it?

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