All bosses in Elden Ring Remembrance are ranked by difficulty

All bosses in Elden Ring Remembrance are ranked by difficulty ...

Elden Ring''s foes are some of the best and most powerful from its FromSofware titles.

FromSoftware has developed some of the most famous managers in video game history. Each has its own unique strength, move set, and gimmick, and can be a challenge for even the most experienced souls-like players. While all managers in the Lands Between are fantastic, many players want to know how each one can stack up when ranked against one another.

Each Remembrance boss in Elden Ring will be ranked based on difficulty. These 15 bosses on this list are specifically ones that reward the player with a Remembrance. These Remembrances can be sent to Enia, the Finger Reader, and select a unique boss-related item. Bosses on this list will be ranked starting with the easiest and finishing with the hardest.

15) Regal Ancestor Spirit

The Regal Ancestor Spirit, which was discovered in the Siofra River, is a reanimated carcass of a deer. Its patron is unlocked by lighting six pillars around the area. Players are welcomed with a Marika Stake, indicating there is a challenge ahead.

The Regal Ancestor Spirit''s brightness extends to the visually stunning fight. With that said, combating the Spirit requires a few melee-based attacks, which once been seen, and which can be easily avoided. The Ancestor Spirit can regenerate and heal by consuming the spirit animals in close proximity.

While the boss and his arena are fantastic, the fight leaves something to be desired. The Regal Ancestor Spirit has landed an end to this list.

14) Godrick the Grafted

Godrick is likely to be the first legendary boss to meet many players. Found at Stormveil Castle, the scion has established himself on this list as the second easiest legendary boss. Similar to the Regal Ancestor Spirit, Godrick has a slew of moves that can be easily dealt with during phase two. With the addition of fire-based attacks, however, they are almost always manageable.

One of the most fun aspects of this fight is how FromSoftware teaches the player that rolling isn''t the only way to avoid attacks. Players are introduced to area-of-effect earthquake moves that are new to the souls-like games. Alongside running away from the large, destructive earthquake area, players may also jump to avoid the earthquake.

13) Renalla, Queen of the Full Moon

Renalla, the third manager on this difficulty ranking list, is waiting for the Tarnished challenger. Renalla, who is the academy''s head, uses a variety of sorceries during her boss fight. It''s not the first phase of the fight, but the players'' force-field around Renalla will be reduced. But it''s the second phase that allows her to face the challenge.

Renalla''s entire phase involves unleashing her true Glintstone ability. While opening with a choreographed Comet Azur may surprise many players off-guard, the true spectacle comes from Renalla''s spirit summons. These range from simple wolves to an intimidating dragon. Players may then wait for counter-attacks, making most of the fight difficult.

12) Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy

Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, is no. 4 on this list. This two-part fight pays homage to previous Dark Souls and Bloodborne boss fights. In the first phase, players who choose to use the Serpent Hunter Spear will not have any problems dealing with the snake. But it is the second phase that proves to be the greatest challenge.

In the second phase, Rykard showcases himself embroiled in the serpent. He develops a sword and has the ability to use Rykards Rancor, an explosive sorcery that tracks the player. In the end, players may even upgrade the Spear to +10 for an even higher damage output and A-Scaling in Strength. In the end, as long as players use the Serpent Hunter Spear, the fight does not take off.

11) Starscourge Radhan

A monstrous foe who has mastered gravitational sorceries and seeking an honorable death by combat is secluded away on the Wailing Dunes. Starscourge Radhan is huge and very mobile, but the fight is en route for players to summon in other players to assist them in the fight.

As Radhan stumbles down from the skies, the second phase begins with a bang. At this point in the fight, Radhan begins to unleash his true mastery of gravitational magic. He has powerful slams and conjures large rocks that are directed towards players like the Carian Phalanx or Homing Crystal Soulmass from Dark Souls. It is in their best interest to be aggressive in this fight, since Radhan has no problems hitting them.

10) Fire Giant

The Fire Giant is a challenging boss fight due to its massive health pool. Players may spend a lot of time hacking away at their ankles just to get crushed as the Giant rolls through. One benefit of the fight is that Torrent is available. After the players reach the Giant, they should fight on two feet.

9) Astel, Naturalborn of the Void

The most difficult part of this fight is actually getting a hit in. While players can hit one of Astels many hands, the big damage is from causing the head as well as the body. However, this manager is more unpredictable with its attack patterns. It can be difficult to get caught out of the camera or force players to look around the arena. This may be particularly difficult when Astel begins to summon meteors that are sent at the player in seemingly all directions.

8) Lichdragon Fortissax

Fortissax is far off the beat path. Many players encountered this incredible-looking dragon on their first playthrough or while they were weaker, making the fight harder. This four-winged black dragon will happily fly up and dive-bomb the lowly Tarnished. It''s difficult to learn about Fortissax''s character, although many users can take refuge underneath it.

7) Morgott, the Omen King

Morgott is an extremely aggressive mid-game manager, although it is possible to make a stride in the game. This time, the fight has a lot more going on. Morgott is more aggressive and there is a second phase. This is especially true when players use the combat system at this point in the game.

6) Godfrey, First Elden Lord

Players are met with Godfrey, the First Elden Lord, after burning the thorns on the door and returning to the Erdtree''s base. The game is centered around Godfrey, who uses an earthquake mechanic that persists throughout the fight and has a long-reaching Greataxe. When players trigger the second phase, Godfrey dissociates himself from Serosh and unleashes his true identity, Hoarah Loux.

Hoarah Loux is useless, but it can quickly seem untrue as he departs a moveset straight out of Street Fighter and begins to command-grab the player and punch them into the ground. This time, Earthquakes make a return and stretch to near half the arena. This fight is pure chaos and is why it ranks so high on this list.

5) Dragonlord Placidusax

Dragonlord Placidusax reigns outside of time in the Crumbling Farum Azula. This once multi-headed dragon has a powerful moveset that combines melee hits, fire breathing, and calls of red lightning. As players seize down Placidusax''s health pool, the Dragonlord manifests its true force with new disappear/reappear attacks. The massive dragon vanishes into a cloud only to reap and come crashing down with a claw of red lightning.

The good moveset and the large health pool of Placidusax put this royal dragon in the top five, compared to the previous managers on this list.

4) Mohg, Lord of Blood

Mohg is a powerful man looking into Miquella and pursuing a new dynasty. He uses forbidden blood flame sorceries that make the fight a real challenge, because players must manage and mitigate their blood loss build-up.

Mohg''s special ability that surrounds the player with three rings will produce instant blood loss for the player. This will result in Mohg''s health and force players to remove the Crimson Tears.

Mohg is a real challenge for those who lack a decent supply of Crimson Tears and damage output. It can be chaotic since he is surprisingly quick for a large Omen.

3) Maliketh, the Black Blade

The Beast Clergyman was already plagued by players. So when it became clear that the Clergyman is actually Maliketh in disguise and players must adapt to an even faster, more deadly fight, the Black Blade is putting it all to the top of this ranking list.

Malikeths Black Blade can be a huge challenge for players. Attacks are very fast and often difficult to anticipate. Additionally, the attacks have a slow, lingering health drain that players must keep an eye on. If that wasnt enough, getting hit by the Black Blade would also reduce the player''s maximum health.

Maliketh is an incredibly difficult adversary that must be eliminated before playing for the Elden Throne. His reputation is thus being nearly at the top of this list.

2.5) Godskin Duo

The Godskin Duo does not reward the player with a Remembrance upon defeat, but it would not be a false ranking list without them.

The new dynamic duo is a more an honorable mention owing to a lack of credit, but they are no longer strong enough to be on this list. Many of the players on this list are solo, one-on-one fights, which they can manage with enough effort and memorization. However, the Godskin Duo, as the name implies, attacks two individually challenging players at the same time.

The fight reflects the famous two-on-one battle in Dark Souls with Ornstein and Smough, but with their own unique twist. While players may be able to take out one, the leftover Godskin foe may simply resurrect their lost friend. This new iconic battle, which has been completely eliminated by many as they took on this non-optional boss fight.

2) The Elden Beast/Ragon of the Golden Order

The last obstacle to winning the Elden Throne is Radagon and the Elden Beast. This two-part boss fight is one of the hardest in all FromSoftwares soulsborne-ring titles. While there are gimmicks players can benefit from, one-on-one combat with Radagon is incredibly complicated, especially without a specific build for damage output.

The Elden Beast almost becomes a running simulator. Players have to escape all sorts of Golden Order sorceries. Elden Stars and Golden Wave are two of the most powerful projectile attacks that frustrate many players. These attacks, combined with the Beast''s large health pool and the elimination of the Crimson Tears after Radagon, make it one of the hardest bosses to survive.

1) Malenia, Blade of Miquella

Without further ado, the Big Cheese, the best of the best, the one and only Malenia, Blade of Miquella. To many, and probably most, it is no surprise that Malenia is recognized as the #1 player on this list. She is extremely speedy and effective with one opening of herself.

Her life-stealing abilities allow her to regenerate well on successful hits. So trading hits is out of the equation. Players must be careful and plan almost every attack, because one bad opening may be the final.

The most serious feature of this fight for many is her signature strike, Waterfowl Dance. This fast, multi-hit attack is a true challenge to escape. If one flurry fails, the player will be saved from most of her health bar thanks to this move. Fortunately, Malenia''s weapon art is very powerful, yet her second phase is created on the block.

In her second phase, she will become the Queen of Rot and has the ability to inflict Scarlet Rot. She has additional changes, but all moves from phase one make a comeback, including Waterfowl Dance.

The vast majority of people in the community suffered with Malenia. Let Me Solo Her, a community hero, helped many, helped her defeat her, and she has become a staple in the Elden Ring community lore.

These have been all of the Elden Ring Remembrance bosses ranked. This was not an all bosses list, however, because there are roughly 165 bosses in Elden Ring, with many more being less significant dungeons or weak bosses.