Maverick Used An A.I. Audio Trick To Reintroduce Val Kilmer to Top Gun

Maverick Used An A.I. Audio Trick To Reintroduce Val Kilmer to Top Gun ...

Sometimes reality has a huge impact on how certain fiction works take. Oftentimes, current events can substantially influence a narrative, but these may be on a smaller scale. In many instances, they''re only minor.

Top Gun: Maverick, a long-awaited sequel to Tom Cruise, has been slamming away new and returning performers, particularly giving the latter group a lot to be excited about. Although many long-time fans knew of the actor''s return, his appearance remained a mystery.

Val Kilmer, who appeared in Top Gun as Tom "Iceman" Kazansky, was pretty much guaranteed to appear in the sequel. However, after his throat cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment in 2014, the actor lost his ability to speak. But the actors wanted to both honor Kilmer and enhance the character''s character''s character, Maverick changed his mind so that Iceman had also developed cancer and could only communicate via keyboard. They added a second surprise to the film, which also reveals similarities with Star Wars.

Kilmer gets one spoken line in the movie, but given the actor''s own inability to talk, this is accomplished in a complex A.I. program. Similar to how The Book of Boba Fett recreated Mark Hamill''s voice, Top Gun: Maverick used a large A.I. format, resulting in a compelling replica. The result was the positive surprise that viewers received.

Through a partnership between Kilmer and Sonantic, they developed over 40 different models before narrowing things down to the one seen in the film. "I''m grateful to the whole team at Sonantic who fully restored my voice in a way I''ve never imagined possible," Kilmer said of the A.I. "As human beings, the ability to communicate is the foundation of our existence," he added. The benefits of throat cancer have made it difficult for others to understand me. "The opportunity to tell my story

Although it isn''t exactly a 1:1 replacement for a natural human voice, this sort of technology is a wonderful reminder that science has evolved in ways that can adequately compensate for problems humanity has experienced since the beginning of time. It''s a wonderful goal to have accomplished this goal. Here''s hoping things get even better from here.

Maverick is playing in theaters now.