The Best INT Characters from Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

The Best INT Characters from Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle ...

Due to the fast-paced landscape of Dragon Ball Z, it makes sense for characters to appear heavily dependent on fighting alone. However, some of the series'' finest combatants rely on their wits and abilities to turn the tide against powerful opponents. In a game like Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, the prevalence of smart characters has become more evident in its team-based nature.

Players in the Dokkan Battle can collect a wide variety of characters to form their dream teams. Among these Dragon Ball Zfan-favorites are INT Characters, known primarily for their intelligence and skill in battle. Who are the best players who want to prove intelligence is equally as important as strength in combat?

Super Garlic Jr.''s 10 Demon Of Destruction And Vengeance

Avenging Defeat (Passive) allows him to stun Super-type enemies in Dokkan Battle.

This is a powerful support-tank structure capable of both tanking damage and stunning foes. Besides, his kit allows him to heal and prepare set-ups for allies, allowing them to eliminate enemies much faster.

9 Battles To Reach The Top Super Saiyan Vegeta

Vegeta is no slouch in boosting his DEF and ATK immensely by crafting an attack that can also damage enemies thanks to a massive ATK boost.

Vegeta''s vampire is characterized by a great tanking skill set as well as single-damage destruction. His Links are great, as long as there are plenty to keep him in front of him in terms of teams. However, a lot of his ATK boosts do demand a GT archetype alliance, and there aren''t many of them available in the game.

8 Eerie Sense Of Despair Frieza (3rd Form)

Frieza''s third form is impressive, boosting the Z Fighters'' confidence, while Super Monster (Passive) enhances their ATK and DEF, boosting the chances of dismissing additional attacks in the same turn.

Frieza''s heeration has a slew of links with other villains, as well as the ability to become a powerful tank and heavy-hitter. However, his abilities only apply to small numbers of allies, thus players must carefully curate this unit to a specific build.

The 7 True Warrior Race Super Saiyan God SS Evolved Vegeta

Vegeta achieves ultra Instinct after great fights in Dragon Ball Super. The Vegeta unit demonstrates this by combining the abilities of Pride Of Our Warrior Race and Final Flash (Ultra Super ATK) while increasing the probability of criticals in a turn. Vegeta can also reappeare in a surprise comeback.

This Vegeta incarnation boasts a powerful tanking and damage toolkit. Iterations are equally impressive because they are capable of handling KO attacks. However, he isn''t as compatible with Warrior Gods and Super Saiyans as fans would prefer.

Super Saiyan Broly, 6 Instinctive Destruction

Although Broly is a true saiyan who is quick in dealing with combat, he is highly effective and quick to boost his ATK before dealing tremendous damage to his enemies. Fiendish Destruction (Passive) reduces his damage taken while increasing the chances of becoming Supers.

The Legendary Super Saiyan is a behemoth in both ATK and DEF, making him a decent tank. Not to mention, Broly has a lot of units to challenge. Sadly, Broly cannot live up to his potential due to the lack of links.

5 Strike Of Full Anger Super Saiyan Goku

This is the rage Goku was required to fully embody his Saiyan heritage and transform into a Super Saiyan. The game''s representation of Super Saiyan Goku is captured by the fierce hand-to-hand battle. While The Super Saiyans Final Showdown (Passive) may dish out additional Super attacks for a difficult finish.

This Goku iteration is a great tank and damage-dealer, especially when linked with the appropriate individuals. He can stack DEF and ATK ad infinitum with the appropriate combination, allowing for exponential damage growth. Unfortunately, his specialization against Frieza opponents makes his damage output less than optimal.

4 Saiyan Pride Vegeta/Goku

During their first encounter, Vegeta manifests fear in how Goku defends Earth despite his heritage. Unlike his Saiyan Pride Vegeta, his Massacre Breaker (Super ATK) and Amazing Impact (Ultra Super ATK) damage foes while raising both his ATK and DEF. Not only that, but Vegetas Pride (Passive) allows him to revive by switching places with Goku at certain HP levels.

This unit is both a tank and a damage-dealer, capable of withstanding hits while also absorbing aggro from his opponents. However, Gokus'' chances of acquiring his skills are debunked. There are also not a lot of enemies in the Planet Namek Saga who can exploit their capabilities.

Three Saiyan Goku and Super Saiyan Vegeta fused Super Power

The relationship between Goku and Vegeta makes them a force to reckon with, and the game shows this moment through this fused unit. Their Kamehameha & Big Bang Attack (Super ATK) and final strategy (Ultra Super ATK) boosts ATK and causes tremendous damage to enemies. Their Strongest Duo (Passive) may allow them to Potara Fusion and gain exponential boosts to their abilities.

This unit makes for a great all-rounder, especially with their recovery abilities helping turn the tide in a difficult match. Non only that, but they easily connect with a lot of characters. Unfortunately, their time-dependent Transformation means players must postpone combat to make meaningful use of their toolkit.

2 Brief Paternal Moment Majin Vegeta

Majin Vegeta recounts a moment with his young son Trunks before injuring him, ensuring he won''t be hurt in the subsequent events. While Vegeta''s Resolve (Passive) assists with the loss of Trunks, Majin Vegeta maintains his confidence in his team.

Majin Vegeta, who works in his entire team on Trunks, is an incredible tank with great damage potential. However, relying on Trunks is a big mistake, proving his unremarkable set of Links. Moreover, although his Active Skill might be powerful, it also costs a lot of money.

1 Opening Of A Super Godly Fight Super Saiyan God SS Goku/Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta

It''s one thing to see Goku and Vegeta join in an effort to save the planet and the universe, and another thing to see the two of them give their all in the fight. Their Super God Flash (Super ATK) gives an enormous boost alongside devastating damage, and allows them to do this without any reservations (Passive) but may also transform them into Supers.

This is probably one of the best Super INT units in the game. It packs quite well and has a lot of damage boosts, along with an accessible Active Skill. Unfortunately, the additional boosts from Goku and Vegeta just last a few turns, implying that the buff time should be increased in order to make this unit more efficient.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is available for iOS and Android.