Trans Lifeline is hosting a charity livestream!

Trans Lifeline is hosting a charity livestream! ...

Polygon is continuing to provide a 24-hour charity stream on June 9th.

In the end, we are already live, which means you can donate directly to Trans Lifeline on Twitch and fundraising via Tiltify.

All of you who participated in the project in 2020 helped us stream for a long time to raise over $100,000 for The Innocence Project. It was incredible, chaotic, and beautiful. It was a strange time when we all were stuck at home, wondering what 2021... or 2022 would be like.

For one thing, the world has changed a lot lately, and we will be streaming in-person again from our studio!

When we started planning this stream in late 2021, we had no idea how huge this year would be for the trans community. Trans people have more visibility than ever before, but trans lives are being brutally enforced and legislated in dangerous ways, across the country. It''s devastating, and it makes Trans Lifelines work even more important.

Trans Lifeline is a great, grassroots organization, run by and for trans people, providing emotional and financial help. Trans people may struggle with stigmatization, economic security, and isolation. Trans Lifeline envisions a world in which everyone receives the care they need and deserve.

Trans Lifeline is an international peer-support service that has received over 120,000 responses since 2014. It connects trans people in crisis to people who personally understand what they''re going through.

Trans Lifeline is developing a microgrants program that has paid over $1 million directly to trans people who need it. Many of these grants help with legal name changes and new identifications. This allows individuals to access education, healthcare, and employment.

Subscribe to our Twitch page and check out the donation page. Well, on June 9 - 10, you''ll have a great day!