Don't Worry Darling: 5 Reasons I'm Excited For The Olivia Wilde Film

Don't Worry Darling: 5 Reasons I'm Excited For The Olivia Wilde Film ...

Im gonna be straight with you guys. The past few years, me and films have had a pretty rough journey. Either I had failed to get really excited about many films that everybody else seemed over the moon about, or by the time I finally saw a trailer any interest I had in the film had gone down to freezing age levels. This has continued for the first time in years, when I actually discovered myself, completely loving the idea of a new film and going into a theater (Thanks, The Lost City!!!

I have spent several weeks exploring the future of the film Dont Worry Darling. This upcoming entry into the new film releases has me enthused for a film due to some very specific circumstances, which may impact many other film enthusiasts, as well as how the Olivia Wide-directed picture is among our most highly anticipated for 2022. Here are five reasons why I am really excited for Dont Worry Darling!

Chris Pine Is Playing A Bad Guy

Chris Pine has played several excellent roles in his career, and he is greatly honored for it. Despite the fact that he likes Captain Kirk in the J.J. Abrams Star Trek movies, I dont go down with that Chris Pine (his Steve Trevor in the Wonder Woman movies, notwithstanding) despite his dislike for him in general, and now I know why: Chris Pine might be better as a bad guy.

Don''t believe me? Put down Star Trek Into Darkness and pick up Smokin Aces. Get your hold on Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit so you may get Horrible Bosses 2. Or, if you need to relax, select movies where Pine plays men of a malicious character, like Hell or High Water (hes robbing banks, yall), and Z for Zachariah (he looks like he''s up to no good the whole time), or even check out the excellent TV series,

Chris Pine, according to Im admitting to me, does much of his finest work when he can play as fuck unhinged, uncaring, dangerous, and/or messy as fuck, and with Pine on the Happy Sad Confused podcast (opens in new tab) that he is playing a cult leader who is such a creep. Im THRILLED that well get to see this version of him in Dont Worry Darling.

It Appearances Spooky, But It''s Not Like a Straight-Up Horror

I have been working to make certain that many people can soothe myself in these past couple of years, but even without that personal edict can confirm that I have NEVER been a fan of horror films and scaring myself on purpose. I have a few exceptions (Alien and Aliens both count), but what I enjoy a lot more freely are movies/shows that bring me some good spooky times without much in the vein of straight up horror (The X-Files will forever have my heart).

With what weve seen from the Dont Worry Darling trailer, this means that I am assuming that the film will focus on a seemingly utopian community that a young woman discovers is hiding some big secrets. It promises to give me the (either supernatural or technologically-based) chills I enjoy without scaring me so badly that I have more trouble sleeping at night than I already do. It appears that there will be enough to make audiences feel comfortable about the spooky shenanigans (as with

The Cast Is Insane

When it comes to Dont Worry Darling, I''ve already talked about Chris Pine, but if you have read the news about the next film, you will realize that he is far from the only big name involved. This film, although odd to have casts filled the top to toes with famous actors and popular acting talents, has still racked up a shamble.

We are talking about actress/model Florence Pugh leading the cast, with pop star Harry Styles also playing Dont Worry Darling. Other members include KiKi Layne (If Beale Street Could Talk, The Old Guard), Gemma Ghan (Crazy Rich Asians, Eternals), Nick Kroll (Netflixs Big Mouth and Human Resources), Timothy Simons (Veep, Candy), burlesque queen Dita Von Teese, and others. When you combine this cast

I liked booksmart, and I really wanted to see how Olivia Wilde manipulated the story.

Olivia Wilde has been on our television and movie screens regularly for over two decades, and while we all enjoyed watching her on television programs like The O.C. and House, and in movies like Tron: Legacy, Rush, and Richard Jewell, I think it''s fair to say that one of her most important professional accomplishments to date is Booksmart, her freshman feature-length directorial effort.

Wilde''s second film was heavily enjoyed by critics and viewers, but I was pleasantly surprised by Wilde''s decision to take the lead on a different scale. While Wilde has admitted to being anxious about making the transition from teen comedy to a dark period drama that is Dont Worry Darling, I''m very excited to see how she approaches this story. Actually, I think she was wrong.

Im All-In-On Period Pieces Where Non-White Characters'' Story Focuses On Racism

I cant say for sure that actors such as KiKi Layne and Gemma Chan will not have to deal with any racism at all in the 1950s-set film, but I guess it won''t be the focus of their stories if they do, and that is certainly something that I''m ready to celebrate.

So often, movies and television programs aim to show non-white individuals dealing with the issues of racism, such as marriages that are falling apart, difficult bosses, raising children, and other cultures'' unique challenges. So, I am really excited to see how these characters respond to the (Im guessing) challenges that will arise in Dont Worry Darling, when the film will premiere on September 23, 2022.