Pam and Tommy were initially wanted by Sebastian Stan to voice Tommy Lee's penis because of an Avengers co-star

Pam and Tommy were initially wanted by Sebastian Stan to voice Tommy Lee's penis because of an Aveng ...

The dramedys caper-like approach was a pleasure to watch, but the characters were more effective as a result of Pamela Anderson and Sebastian Stan''s performances. As it turns out, the creative team asked for one of the actors who played the voice role in Hulus Pam & Tommy.

Pam & Tommys'' creative team decided to include Tommy Lees penis in the old highlight reel, which now stands at the back of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine vet. As viewers now know, Jason Mantzoukas was the extremely logical choice that the producers eventually made. Stan explained that he wasn''t aware who would get the part when the scene was played, and told the Awards Daily:

He wasn''t at the time. We didn''t know who we were going to get at that point. I think the guys called me at one point and said, "What do you think?" Do you think Chris Evans would do this with you?''

Let''s all settle in that there''s a realm in the multiverse somewhere that includes a Pam & Tommy season in which Chris Good Ol Steve Rogers Evans could have had a conversation with Bucky Barnes from the point of view of a newsworthy penis. It takes some mental difficulties to really make the Marvel synergy work, but it''s worth it.

Alas, you may not know what the experience is like, and Chris Evans might have thought about it, since Stan himself took the line and said he would not be putting it on the line. In his words:

I was like, I''m not calling him, OK? I cant ask him to do this anyway.'' However, we didn''t even know if this scene was going to happen, period. But again, word for word, line for line, it was all written.

The subject of the discussion actually comes from Tommy Lee''s memoir Tommyland, although it is probably safe to assume that the Motley Crue drummer was not very fond of how it performed, similar to that that he was not very fond of anything about the Hulu series. However, would he be shocked by the idea of Chris Evans to express his genitokay, which probably wouldn''t have made him change his mind at all?

Fans should not expect Lily James to reprise other famed roles in the future, as a result of Pam & Tommy''s experience, and we''ll see Sebastian Stan again for any follow-ups. But here''s hoping we get to see him again one day as Bucky Barnes and Anthony Mackies'' new Captain America on the big screen.