XQc wins more than $800,000 during a gaming stream, but loses it all seconds later

XQc wins more than $800,000 during a gaming stream, but loses it all seconds later ...

During a recent stream, XQc experienced the highs and lows of gambling. Following his record-setting big win for The Wild Machine, the streamer sat in disbelief after his over $800,000 in winnings was lost in seconds due to a website failure.

XQc, a French-Canadian streamer, has raised controversy among Twitch after declaring his return to sponsored gambling programs despite admitting a personal addiction months prior. Despite receiving sponsorship with Stake, xQc has been the subject of interest from both the community and other content creators. After revealing that about $119 million had been waged with his promo code, the former Overwatch League pro has acted as a catalyst for a much larger discussion about the ethical of sponsored gambling streams

On a late-night stream, xQc experienced one of the most significant losses since regaining popularity. After several comparatively minor success on a slot machine dubbed The Wild Machine, xQc received an astounding amount.

The 26-year-old streamers celebration continued as his winnings ended at $825,000. After seeing a win of this magnitude, xQc saw that he had surpassed the machines'' record winning amount by more than $200,000.

However, gambling is a category of extreme highs and lows, and xQcs exuberance did not last all too long. The streamer made the major mistake of clicking the refresh button in the upper left corner to continue playing, but the page only reloaded with an error message.

After processing what had just happened with a brief pause, the Twitch star exploded into a slew of frustration and rage. No, what did I do? xQc said. Fuck, im so dumb. XQc thrashed around in his chair, pulling his hair, and wildly slamming his desk.

Following his initial burst of fury, xQc sank down in his chair and found a silver lining to the situation. It saved me, the streamer rationalized. I was gonna go back to Itero and it was gonna go one million downward trend without a single hint of success.

Although the juicer may have been overturned by a fit of rage, he eventually took the massive loss as a signal to finally sign off of Stake.