All League of Legends champions with the demons of Runeterra are affiliated with the same faction

All League of Legends champions with the demons of Runeterra are affiliated with the same faction ...

The League of Legends universe is filled with several creatures that differ from one another for who they are and their abilities. Among yordles, mages, gods, and spirits, demons are lurking in the shadows of the most horrific events.

Demons from the Runeterras are driven by negative feelings and thoughts of people, and they feed on these emotions until their victims die. Each demon is attracted to and associated with a specific emotion, a notion that League supporters have acquired from the Demonic Compendium as well as the removal of Fiddlesticks.

The demon of delirium, the demon of nightmares, and the demon of secrets that have spawned from this source are among the highlights of this series of League supporters. In turn, the demon of obsession, frenzy, and bliss have evolved into other smaller demons known as Azakana.

So far, only four demons have roamed the Rift, and four others have given their powers to some of the delegates from Runeterra. Here are some of the league''s champions.

List of all League of Legends champions associes to Runeterra''s demons

Fiddlesticks is the first demon recorded in Runeterras myths and legends. It feeds on fear and horror it has brought on its victims, while its being so ancient that it has always been. The ageless horror uses the voices of its victims to suppress their own hidden fears and restores terror over its hunting territory before finally finishing its victims.

Nocturne is known as the demon of nightmares. His origins are uncertain, but his first appearance may be traced back to the end of the Rune Wars, when mages began developing shadow magic. In his biography, Nocturne explores nightmares and then people.

In all parts of Runeterra, Tahm Kench is known by many names: the River King, the Great Waddler, Old Yawn-Belly, and Two-Coats. Feeding his insatiable desire with the suffering and treasures of others, the demon of greed has rewardened his victims with his sweet talk and promises of something more, according to his biography. Mortals who are not able to fulfill their goal end up eating in Tahm Kench''s immense mouth.

Evelynn grew up in a dreadful shadows after sustaining the pain of the Runeterras people. It was then that the demon grew to accept and accept the senses of shady happiness. She has also found a new form of self-driving, and hopes to return to pure self-driving.

Swain is not a demon, but he possesses Raum, the demon of secrets, and after being cast out of the Noxian army, he sought the power to become the Grand General, discovering it in the depths of the Immortal Bastion in the form of a demon. In his biography, it says that Swain is gathering information as the demon did before him in order to confront the hazards that lurk beyond the boundaries of Runeterra.

Nilah''s biography and her lore aren''t yet out, but from what we saw in her teaser, we discover that she is linked to a demon, probably the one linked to joy or bliss.

According to his biography, Yone splintered with one of the larger demons, an azakana. Along with a demonic sword, he received a mask on his head on the face of the akazanas, which he cant remove. But thanks to it, he can now see other demons through the masks eyes. Yone travels Runeterra by sealing away other azakanas, revealing more.

The fire demon Tybaulk was infused with a mage to enhance her magical powers after she married and had a child. After years of relationship, the mage transformed the demon into a teddy bear, which was then gifted to Annie by the parents. In Annie''s biography, it explains how Tybaluks full power is enacted when the child is filled with anger, thus bringing the fiery demon to life. Tibbers

Shaco''s birth date is probably one of the shortest Riot has been for a champion. However, no one knows where he came from. He is described as a dynamo of humanity''s dark urges, leading us to believe that he might be a demon. In fact, Shaco is the only one who has the word demon in his descriptive name, but Riot has not confirmed whether or not he is one.