In Destiny 2, how to complete Sever Rage

In Destiny 2, how to complete Sever Rage ...

In Destiny 2, the Season of the Haunted, Bungie continues to throw out its stories week after week. This week, Empress Caiatl is the first to confront her nightmares in Sever - Rage.

How to unlock Sever - Rage in Destiny 2

Players will need theSeason Pass to complete the first three missions: Shame, Reconciliation, Grief, and Rage. All of these are part of Sorrowquestline''s bucket list. Week four starts at step 29:

  • Return to Eris at the Crown of Sorrow in the H.E.L.M.
  • Gather 500 Vestiges of Dread to power up your Nightmare Harvester.
  • Complete tiers of theNightmare Containment public eventwithin the Derelict Leviathan and bind your Vestiges of Dread at the Nightmare Harvester after completing the final tier to create a Bound Presence
  • Listen to the urgent message at the H.E.L.M.
  • Find Empress Caiatl somewhere in the Underbelly of the Leviathan
  • Eris requests your presence. Find her in the Sanctuary on the Moon
  • Investigate the connection between the Derelict Leviathan and the Moon''''s Nightmares by completing the K1 Revelation Lost Sector in Sorrow''''s Harbor on the Moon
  • Travel to the Pyramid deep in the Enduring Abyss, beneath the surface of the Moon
  • Return to the H.E.L.M. to debrief with Eris

Sever - Rage Walkthrough

This week''s mission reverses the script a bit and reveals fresh air as a result of it. Are you ready to get rid of that unkillable Cabal?

  • After landing, proceed forward through the corridors, taking out each pocket of Cabal reinforcements you come across
  • Drop down the hall and rendezvous with the friendly Cabal reinforcements
  • Take out the combined Cabal and Scorn forces to proceed
  • Set the first Ritual Amplifier
  • Proceed through the doorway and jump over the electrified pit
  • Head to the next room, turn around, and look above the doorway
  • Shoot the two blue lights quickly, then head down into the now open pit
  • Rather than head forward with your Cabal allies, head to the right and jump up into the doorway
  • When the trap is sprung in the next room, look immediately to the right and shoot the blue light to open the door
  • Pull the lever just inside the hall to unseal the immolation hallway
  • Turn around and shoot the blue light once more to exit the room
  • Back in the main room, ensure the unkillable Cabal is focused on you and head to the opposite side of the room you were just in
  • Follow the hallway around and jump up to the platform
  • Pull the switch to ignite the immolation hall and kill the unkillable
  • Release the containment lockdown and rendezvous with your Cabal friends
  • Plant the Rally Banner and show Ghaul what you''''ve learned since your last encounter