Kristen Doute Remakes a Tear-Filled Video As She Escapes from Boyfriends Home

Kristen Doute Remakes a Tear-Filled Video As She Escapes from Boyfriends Home ...

Kristen Doute revealed that she is moving, but that it did not appear to be a happy day.

In a series of Instagram captions, the former Vanderpump Rules star revealed she is moving just six months after leaving her boyfriend Alex Menache.

Doute presented stacks of moving boxes as part of Maren Morris'' Good Friends play. A second photo showed her Packing Day #OOTD of shorts and a t-shirt in one photo.

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The third photo proves that Doute was not a happy person.

Here''s what you need to know about it:

As she announced that she was moving, Kristen Doute slammed down in tears.

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Doute looked near tears in another still photo on IG as she covered her mouth with her hand. It''s hard to move, but she captioned the photo. It''s even harder to leave memories behind. Sending anyone having a blessed day like this.

Doute shared a video of Zack Wickham sitting outside. She broke down in tears as she explained the situation. I got my bestie, my ride or death, and she was able to assist me through it all. Kleenex is also available for download.

As she began to cry, the former Bravo star threw up a bottle of wine and told Wickham, "I love you."

Wickham sent Doutes a tear-filled video and offered words of support. You''re the greatest woman I know, the greatest human with the greatest heart. The best is still to come. You got this boo.

Doute posted a photo of some gold-legged dining chairs wrapped in bubble wrap. She wrote silver lining. I got my adorable chairs out of storage.

Doute did not reveal where she was going to as of this writing. Heavy has reached out to her rep for his remarks, but hasn''t commented yet.

In October 2021, Kristen Doute arranged a sale house.

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Doute paid $1.3 million for her three-bedroom, 1,770 square-foot property in October 2021. Two years later, she paid $1 million for the property.

At the time, the Vanderpump Rules alum had previously talked with businessman Alex Menache since early 2020, but she told Life and Style that she didn''t feel the need to get married. I think each person feels that at the appropriate time of our lives, and if it happens, it happens. I mean, he''s always his finest thing.

According to Reality Blurb, a house sold by Doutes in December 2021, and Menache was then moved in to his Los Angeles house.

Surprise! She told followers on Instagram that she sold my house. It''s so happy that Alex and I both moved in together, even if it feels like we have lived together for the last two years.

Menache gave her the bare minimum to construct his house as a home, according to the former SURVer.

Doute hasn''t confirmed if she moved from Menache, but there are already Reddit threads speculating that the two have called it quits amid her move.