Hacker earns $2 million in CS:GO skins

Hacker earns $2 million in CS:GO skins ...

A massive array of digital Counter-Strike: Global Offensive items has been reportedly stolen from a collectors Steam inventory. An estimated $2 million USD worth of skins from the victim, including seven prized souvenir AWP Dragon Lore skins for the competitive multiplayer game.

ohnePixel writes on Twitter that the Steam collection included the seven souvenir AWP Dragon Lore skins, which sell for $56,000 per item on several third-party skin reseller websites.

A legendary no-star karambit and a #1 blue gem variant of the karambit case hardened knife are among the pieces, which is valued at $1.4 million on its own.

Please clarify this.

If someone from @csgo/@steam sees this, please send me an email and i''ll get you in touch with him to get everything done.

Half(?) of the items were quicksold and are gone, but the other half(?) was later sent to the hacker''s steam account and is on a trade hold.

It''s not too late to get started.

ohnePixel (@ohnePixel) January 21, 2022

As Dotesports reports, the victims Steam account was apparently compromised sometime in the past week, with hackers changing the account name and the associated email without the owner noticing at first. Now, ohnePixel claims about half the inventory has been sold off, while the other half has been sent to the hackers Steam account and is waiting for a trade hold.

Weve reached out to Valve for a recommendation on the situation.