Kevin Costner talks about what's going on in Yellowstone season 5 (video)

Kevin Costner talks about what's going on in Yellowstone season 5 (video) ...

This fall, we''ll have a chance to see the first season of Yellowstone on Paramount Network, and again, Kevin Costner will be at the center of everything. Its difficult for him not to be, however, here, we are talking about the keystone of one of the TV''s most popular franchises, and we tend to believe that this season will only be built and escalated from what we have previously seen.

Based on at least some of what was heard from the actor today, it will be as bold and intense as ever.

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Costner''s video toExtraa little on what the future will hold for the series, and how nobody has let their foot off the gas in terms of fantastic narration. This is a difficult task to get this far into the show run! There is a lot of work to be done this time, but this is a 14-episode season, making it by far the greatest one that we have so far.

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While Costner did not answer anything when it comes to whether or not season 5 will be the final one, we do not believe that. Despite Taylor Sheridan''s suggestion that he know when the story will come to an end, there hasn''t really been that much conversation about it being right now. We tend to believe that this would get at least one more after this upcoming one.