Love Is War Funniest Characters in Kaguya-sama, Ranked

Love Is War Funniest Characters in Kaguya-sama, Ranked ...

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War is considered one of the most popular rom-com anime of the last decade, and it has long been demonstrated by its enormous popularity. The core of its humor is the various "battles," between quirky and eccentric characters who often escalate minor situations into climactic confrontations.

The strength of Kaguya-sama''s humor is based on the strength of the characters that are involved in each situation. The more absurd and eccentric the characters are, the more ridiculous and bizarre the situation becomes. Here are the funniest characters in Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, ranked by their hilarity.

10 Kei Shirogane

Shirogane''s younger sister doesn''t appear all that often, but she does make an impression whenever she does. Although she openly pretends to find her brother annoying, she is genuinely a fan of Kaguya and wants to be friends.

Many of Kei Shirogane''s appearances in the anime involve her awkward relationship with her brother and father. Although the two are hilarious on their own, Kei provides a straight man who gives them relief their outrageous antics. Although she may not be the funniest character, she is often part of a lot of fun gags.

9 Nagisa Kashiwagi

While many of the Kaguya-sama stories revolve around Shuchiin''''s student council members, some individuals outside of the Student Council are occasionally featured. Nagisa Kashiwagi was one of the first individuals to appear who was not a member of the Student Council, and she attended frequently to discuss relationship advice.

Many of Nagisa''s encounters with the Student Council involve her and her developing relationship with her boyfriend. Although her intentions seem straightforward, she often annoys the students of the Student Council who often do better things than listen to her stories.

8 Ai Hayasaka

Ai Hayasaka is Kaguya Shinomiya''s personal maid, although almost nobody knows it at school. A master of muting personas, Hayasaka can be a ruthless persona at the drop of a pin.

Although Hayasaka is well-known in a variety of occupations and topics, sometimes she becomes trapped in a situation she can''t deal with (often because of Kaguya''s whims). Hayasaka does not always get flustered, but when she does, it''s always because of a completely unjustified situation.

7 Miko Iino

Miko Iino has joined the Student Council after an election to determine the next president. She''s an overbearing stickler for rules and morals, but her honesty may be disappointing. She''s mellowed a bit since she was appointed to the Student Council, but some things will never change.

Iino is often the source of a lot of hilarious jokes, mostly involving bizarre disagreements with the rest of the Student Council. She excels the most when she''s with Ishigami, as their cat-and-dog relationship is often the source of a lot of fun jokes.

6 Kaguya Shinomiya

Kaguya Shinomiya is one of the main characters in this series, and therefore she appears in a majority of the different scenes that make up the anime. Kaguya often presents herself as a very quiet and reserved character and the appearance of a noble lady.

Kaguya is often conniving and in some unexpected situations to persuade Shirogane to confess to her. However, as her feelings change throughout the series, Kaguya''s icy demeanor begins to swell, causing her to emote more openly and evocatively.

5 Miyuki Shirogane

Miyuki Shirogane is the director of Shuchiin''s Student Council, and a generally self-driving person. Initially, he appears to be shy enough to entice himself in the kinds of silly shenanigans that come up throughout the series.

Shirogane''s unique nature is what causes him to end up in many of these ridiculous situations, such as his various "training sessions" with Fujiwara. He''s afraid of being asked down by Kaguya and his bad understanding of current challenges are excellent gags that make him a great comedic character.

4 Maki Shijo

Maki Shijo is the best friend of Nagisa Kashiwagi, who has unrequited love for her boyfriend. This causes the relationship between the three of them to become very awkward, and unfortunately, Shijo ends up getting the short end of the stick.

Shijo doesn''t appear very often in the series, but whenever she does, hilarity is usually not far behind. Despite her unrequited love and loneliness, she''s a laugh to watch.

3 Yu Ishigami

Yu Ishigami is the student council''s introverted and sardonic treasurer. An otaku who loves playing video games and watching anime, Ishigami tends to not fit in very well with his students at school.

While Ishigami is the focus of a host of dramatic moments in Kaguya-sama, he''s also the focus of a slew of comedic moments. His confrontation with Fujiwara and Iino leads to a few hilarious scenes, as well as his own negative attitude, which also gives you lots of humor even if they aren''t there.

2 Chika Fujiwara

Fujiwara, the student council''s bubbly, game-loving secretary, is one of the most popular sources of humor in the series. Whether it''s bringing up a bizarre game to live up the student council or putting an obstacle to Shirogane or Kaguya''s costly intentions to confess, Fujiwara has established herself as a massive wildcard among the Student Council.

Fujiwara initially appears to be a powerful wall to Kaguya, but she is not immune to being caught off guard, such as her many altercations with Ishigami, or her gruesome "training sessions" with Shirogane. Regardless of the situation, Fujiwara is always a source of joy.

1 Shirogane''''s Father

The Shirogane family''s yet-unnamed father makes very few appearances, but every one is laugh-out-loud hilarious. A man who lost his job and now works several times to pay off his debt, Shirogane''s father jeopardizes his presence in his children.

Although his intentions are good, the way Shirogane''s father works in the same way is doubtable at best. Whether it''s his misguided attempts to connect with their children or his tendency to make it creepy even in the most hazardous moments, Shirogane''s father is a sight to see.