5 Animes That Have Animes That Do Not Have Animes With Animes That Have Animes Which Isn't Anime

5 Animes That Have Animes That Do Not Have Animes With Animes That Have Animes Which Isn't Anime ...

Everyone loves a sequel. Or rather, they like the concept of sequels. People will like it more if something works. Others can match or even surpass their predecessor, like Terminator 2: Judgment Day. But if the franchise is mediocre or bad, it is ruining it forever and it is ignored.

The ones that have cooled the series, the latter being because they continue to strive to repeat what the first film/anime/season/etc did. But there is a way to stay afloat: change the characters'' definition. Change the show setting! It may revitalizate the franchise by expanding its universe. Or it may as well be a spin-off. Here are a few anime sequels that have shook things up.

Stardust Crusaders: 5 Jojos Bizarre Adventures

This one does not appear to be outrageous, yet it''s continuing to evolve from the original manga. This is mainly because Stardust Crusaders set the standard every other part would follow. However, the third part of eight was Stardust Crusaders. There was still a Stand to be seen, however.

Hamon, a martial art based on breathing techniques, was developed during the publication of these parts. When the North Stars arrived, JJBAs changed into Stands at the right time. While Part 1 received a lost anime film, and Part 2 received nothing until the start of the 2012 anime series.

4 Dragon Ball

What was Dragon Ball a sequel to something? Kind of. Before Akira Toriyama thought of Son Goku, he created his name with Dr. Slump. It was a sci-fi comedy that followed a robot girl called Arale and her creator Senbei Norimaki as they navigate around Penguin Village and foil Dr. Mashirito''s machinations. It was a slice-of-life comedy manga that was more of a pungent thriller than a big action epic.

Like Dragon Ball, the Super Saiyan shout fest had altered much so that Arale could probably hold her own against Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super.

3 The Cat Returns

While in 1998, Yoshifumi Kondo was the first and only film by Ghibli creators, which he believed would be their successor. Sadly, he passed away. It was a sweet romance about a boy meeting a girl about their books love. It was a romantic romance involving an anthropomorphic cat statue called Baron, which he later met.

So, seven years later, the cat returned inThe Cat Returns. This time, a new girl called Haru gets more than she paid for when she saves a cat from being run over. The cat is the Prince of the Cat Kingdom, and his father wants to repay her by marrying them together. She is then dragged off to their house and is forced to escape before she becomes a cat too. This is where the Baron comes to the rescue in the effort to help her out. It may also be usur

2 Carole & Tuesday

Shinichiro Watanabes works apparently take place in the same universe, but the similarities between the two franchises may be quite ambiguous. Mugen from Samurai Champloo might be the grandfather of Cowboy Bebops Spike Spiegel, or that might be a fan theory because they look a little similar and have the same English dub actors. However, there is a show that has been confirmed to be part of the Bebop-verse.

The latter is an orphaned girl from Earth, and the other is a rich girl from a terraformed Mars. Despite some concerns, Carole & Tuesday has received strong support from critics. This is to be seen in the end.

1 Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

Nearly all CLAMP creations have crossed over at one point or another. Angelic Layer is the sequel to Chobits. Yumeragi, a CLAMP short story from 1996, was met in their dark fantasy series xxxHolic, as did a talking pig from Murikuri, a specific CLAMP short story. At this rate, Jota Kujo from CLAMP in Wonderland will play out in their next project. Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle is a straight-up

As they travel across different parts of the world to retrieve Sakuras memories, a younger Syaoran and Sakura are the main characters. In other words, the Cardcaptors magical girl setting was turned into an isekai. Its like if Berserks Skull Knight told Usagi and Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon to pick up a sword, and enter the world of Escaflowne. This is an interesting journey, and these are just a few of the show