Season 5 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation: A New Mike?

Season 5 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation: A New Mike? ...

On MTV, the wait is over: TheJersey Shore Family Vacationseason 5 episode 13 will air! Were expecting a lot of drama from start to finish here, but also some more silliness. This is what happens with Mike gets a new hairdo and learns some tea about Angelina that he (of course) is ready to begin spreading around to the rest of the group.

Before you go further, check out the fullJersey Shore Family Vacation Season 13 episode 13 synopsis here:

Mike learns that blondes have more fun, Pauly takes over Madison Square Garden, and group chat is lit when pictures of Angelina in Mexico surface.

The first thing we should note here is that some of this Angelina stuff is tied to her upcoming showAll-Star Shore, which serves as a smidgeon in cross-promotion. We know that she and her husband are no longer together in real team, but that might not have anything to do with what''s going on in this episode. We just know that The Situation has a tendency to stir the pot.

As soon as possible, be prepared for the new season to feature the cast out a bit more in the world; limitations are lifted during the production period; this should feel somewhat more like the previous seasons ofFamily Vacation. (Some of these seasons have been a bit odd, but grateful that we have just had the opportunity to watch them grow a long way today.)

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