Vet Paul Reiser Reacted To Fans Reactions From His Debut On Season 3 of The Boys

Vet Paul Reiser Reacted To Fans Reactions From His Debut On Season 3 of The Boys ...

Season 3, Episode 5 of The Boys, The Last Time To Look On This World Of Lies, Spoilers.

The Boys, a hilariously raunchy superhero series, has introduced many new faces (mostly Supes) that fans are surely enjoying during this new stretch of series. In Episode 5, the series was brought in by Paul Reiser, who was previously well-known for his legendary role in The Legend. Now, he''s speaking about his fan reactions to his debut and the series in general.

Paul Reiser, who portrays Dr. Sam Owens on Stranger Things, talked about all of The Boys with Variety. Though, he apparently had no clue that a show like Eric Kripke''s would be successful. Despite his positive reactions, he admitted that the series'' content just isn''t really his scene.

I had no idea what happened to the show. I did not think Id heard of it. This is amazing for me because people are so pledging to see this season, but I cannot stop watching it. In a million years, I couldnt create something like this. But the whole thing is to get invited and jump in.

If you''re jumping into a genre as wild as The Boys, it must be interesting for an actor to join a project and dive into a world that they''re completely unfamiliar with. However, Paul Reiser is already developing himself to be a pro in this strange world of heroes and villains. He''s probably also improved by the fact that the viewers have been so supportive.

Paul Reiser continued to say that since he knew basically nothing about one of Amazon Prime''s greatest superhero episodes, he decided to do a bit of research and was even able to look to his son, who loves the program.

I thought, Oh, this is something other. This is just awful. My 21-year-old son, who loves the show, had to go to him like, so they''re on purpose being this disgusting? Okay, so thats different. Because if you didn''t know, it would be violent and graphic and horrifying. But then you go, Okay, these guys really know what they''re doing.''

The Boys has certainly taken some time to get used to, considering it has some quite intense narratives. At least Paul Reiser was able to get acquainted with the fictional universe and the high level of raunchiness that it brings. Stranger Things isn''t just a comparison to what''s been shown on the comic book adaptation.

Since it''s one of the finest original Amazon Prime shows, I''m surprised that The Boys wasn''t something Paul Reiser had heard of. Again, it wasn''t exactly in his wheelhouse, and there''s a lot of quality content out there.

This week, fans are planning themselves for the next episode, which will feature the long-awaited (and somewhat feared) Herogasm story. Obviously, chaos will ensue, but if it means seeing some characters hilariously in the nude, it may or may not be worth it. I''m unsure about Paul Reiser following the announcement.

Season 3 of The Boys is now available on Amazon Prime, with new episodes going missing every Thursday!