Season 2 spoilers for Winning Time: Who EP reveals timeline and theme

Season 2 spoilers for Winning Time: Who EP reveals timeline and theme ...

HBOsWinning Time will be showing off its season 2 schedule. What is the series'' focus, which includes determining where season 1 left off, while keeping the drama high when the majority of viewers understands the outcome.

Going into season 2, the Lakers are starting to become one of the biggest sports teams, according to Deadline. Here''s what Max Borenstein''s co-writer wrote about the story.

The superheroes use everything from Pat Riley to Jeanie Buss, but they all learn a lot of their unique ideas during the second season.

This season, though, the behind-the-scenes faces just as much as the stars on the court, not that this should really come as much as a surprise from what we saw in Season 1. We will learn more about who these people were (or at least through the lens of the dramatization), as well as other difficulties associated with building a dynasty.

The funny thing is that If HBO wants it to,Winning Timecould would go on for several years, given that the Jeff Pearlman book (which serves as the basis for the show) covers events from the early 1990s. How long the film lasts here will likely be based on viewership. Season 1 may have been polarizing when it comes to historical accuracy, but there is no denying the entertainment value that it brought week in and week out.

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