Six of the most beautiful Shonen mangas that had been left without an ending

Six of the most beautiful Shonen mangas that had been left without an ending ...

Unfinished works have been slambling readers about what could have been for centuries. How would Charles Dickens The Mystery of Edwin Drood have ended? How would Schuberts Unfinished Symphony have sounded if it was finished? Will Megaman Legends 3 ever be revived?

Although the title is not the same as the previous one, some strips may be lucky. Yoshihiro Togashi has stated that he was resuming his work on Hunter X Hunter following a lengthy hiatus. Even Berserk will be continuing, despite Kentaro Miura''s passing. However, not every manga gets that chance. These shonen manga are unlikely to make a comeback.

6 Id- The Greatest Fusion Fantasy

This one is a manhwa rather than a manga. Id- The Greatest Fusion Fantasy was a strip by KIM Daewoo and A.T Kenny through BookBox. Based on the same name, Ye Chun Hwa, who is rescued from his world into a realm of dragons, elves, and other fantasy creatures. He joins a party with Irlina the Elf, Reindelph, and Grey the Warrior to face the Fragments

The manhwa was inexpensive enough to be found on the internet, which was probably the reason. In 2009, the strip publishing company went bankrupt, bringing the comic to an end after eight years. He has expressed concern for rekindling the Id movement. Fingers crossed it gets to make a comeback.

5 Bastard!!

As a result of Metallicana''s defeat, the High Priest has ordered his daughter Yoko to restore Dark Schneider to order, and his mother has reclaimed power.

Kazushi Hagiwaras'' murder, mayhem, and heavy metal references have been written on and off since 1988. It even became popular enough to get a 6-episode OVA in the early 90s (where Dark Schneider was voiced by Darran Norris, aka Cosmo from The Fairly OddParents), however, the series has been on hiatus since 2010, and a 24-episode ONA is set to be released in June 2022. Like Schneider, Bas

4 Fujimi Lovers

Yuna Takagis, formerly known as Undead Lovers, was a familiarity with his classmate, Rina Hasebe. As a kid, she accepted his love but she left him alone without a trace. No one else could remember her either. Years later, she turns back up at his high school, only she is now a little different.

As soon as he confesses, he continues falling for her. Chapter 12 was meant to show how hedd break the cycle of reboots and keep Hasebe alive. However, the last page of Chapter 12 was completely populated in February 2014, although Part 2 had a similar chance of reappearing.

3 Red Sprite

In a world in which transport is fueled by a new source called Thunder-cores. Alongside developing longer-lasting cars, buses, and trains, they have brought back airships in a more sustainable manner. Tatsu Frampt, an orphan from the suburbs, dreams of flying his own airship one day. He returns as the only survivor. He vows to avenge the deaths of his friends and realize his desire.

The strip was created by Tomohiro Yagi before Bleach closed. Fans thought it might fill the gap that Tite Kubos'' flagship series left in their hearts. After only three months and 14 chapters, Red Sprite got an end of sorts, though its a confusing process that leaves itself open. Instead, Tatsu will stay there forever.

2 High School of the Dead

In the early 2010s, the tale of high school students fighting off zombies erupted just as the city was used by zombie television and later on. Daisuke and Shoji Satos fusion of horror and fanservice both diversified into a cult classic anime and a light novel. In the same year, the band received an album of all of its different ending themes by Kurosaki in 2011.

Although Daisuke Sato passed away in 2017, Shoji decided to complete the series and concentrate on his other series, Triage X. High School, without its main writer, was tragically devastated. It is unlikely to resume sometime soon.

1 Phoenix

Here''s an old-fashioned one that still hurts the oldest otakus. Osamu Tezukas Phoenix was his follow-up to Jungle Emperor Leo (aka Kimba the White Lion). It was an ongoing series of short stories about reincarnation, hence the name. For example, Dawn had ancient Japans Queen Himiko looking for a way to attain eternal youth, while Future had the remnants of humanity trying to avoid its inevitable end in 3304.

The series included numerous adaptations, from OVAs to feature-length anime, and even a live-action film in 1978. Tezuka considered Phoenix to be his lifes work, and unfortunately, it ended with his life. He continued to sketch the strip until his death in 1988, and he left behind one completed chapter, Sun, and unreleased, unfinished drawings on what would have been the next chapter. No one beyond Tezukas family and close friends would have known what would have been the series'' official conclusion.