Multiplayer for Super Mario Odyssey Mod

Multiplayer for Super Mario Odyssey Mod ...

Is Super Mario Odyssey available for Nintendo Switch? It''s a 1.5-player joint (it''s not true co-op, no one wants to be the hat) and this mini-game, which makes it look more like the Super Mario Multiverse.

CraftyBoss, the creator of Super Mario Odyssey Online Multiplayer, has announced the release. Its trailer makes it look like an absolute glitch:

Ten Marios! The original game is absolutely not intended for ten Marios. Even two Marios would be pushing it. But a mod like this isnt the place for discussions of what should be, only what can. Not only is a large amount of Mario on the screen at once, but a moon collection and costumes are syncing between players:

Have fun exploring kingdoms with friends, playing game modes, or beating the game as quickly as possible! This mod is still in development, so expect bugs and un-refined aspects as we work hard to improve it and make it as smooth as possible. Features:

Explore Kingdoms together with up to ten people.

Nearly every capture in the game is synchronized between players.

- Complete 2D and Costume models syncing

- The Moon Collection is shared between all players.

- Custom Configuration Menu (Accessible by holding ZL and selecting any option in the pause/start menu)

Custom Gamemodes (WIP) Support.

The whole thing is amazing and enjoyable until you know that as a modded Switch game experience you will need to jump through hoops in order to keep this working. Unfortunately, according to Kotaku''s AU report, everybody who is playing will need to be using a modded Nintendo Switch as well as the ROM of Super Mario Odyssey.