Aspyr releases a statement on the Knights of the Old Republic 2 bug

Aspyr releases a statement on the Knights of the Old Republic 2 bug ...

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 has received a lot of attention since it was introduced, but unfortunately, not for reasons fans wanted. In short, Knights of the Old Republic 2 features a game-breaking bug that prevents the game from being beaten.

At one point in the games Onderon story, the player will split themselves and their friends into two parties. After completion of the first party''s mission, a cutscene will trigger where the Basilisk is crashed into Onderonat this time, every time, the game will be destroyed, according to aspyr. After receiving an official apology shortly thereafter.

Aspyr reiterates that it is aware of the game''s game-breaking bug, but adds data suggests that this is only affecting a small number of users. Iterates that a patch is in progress, but does not provide any specific ETA for the patch. Many are utterly dissatisfied to see the game release with such a bug, causing damage to the Knights of the Old Republic 2 Switch experience.

The worst part is that Knights of the Old Republic 2 is a good Switch port in terms of gameplay and appearance, which is completely ruined by technical issues. However, fans of the game have discovered a fresh workaround; however, it involves using the cheat menu in the game.

Players may then press the left stick three times to open the cheat menu. Onderon may then go to 504OND, which will bypass the scene and allow players to continue the story. However, it is possible that this tutorial may result in further difficulties, either after completion of Onderon.

Some might find the experience much less dezavantaging to continue on, or they may opt to wait until Aspyr releases the patch. Although there is no ETA, Aspyr is still working on it, and it will arrive sooner rather than later, improving the overall experience on Switch. This game-breaking bug may be the worst, but it isn''t the only one in the game after all.

At this point, the Knights of the Old Republic 2s switch port cannot be beaten through legit means.