By playing the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak demo, you can win this free game

By playing the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak demo, you can win this free game ...

Sunbreak isnt just giving players a chance to play the game early with its demo, but also to earn loot for their character when the game begins.

Players who test out the game during its demo period will get a Demo Player Bonus pack to use when it finally receives its official launch date at the end of the month.

The package of benefits you may receive for your participation includes 60 Mega Potions, 15 Pitfall Traps, 30 Energy Drinks, 15 Mega Demondrugs, and 16 Mega Armorskins.

Get the Item Pack: SUNBREAK Demo Player Bonus at launch! #Sunbreak demo save data is required. 60 Mega Potions15 Pitfall Traps30 Energy Drinks15 Mega Demondrugs15 Mega ArmorskinsSteam: Switch:

During your time with the demo, you won''t be able to claim these supplies; they will only be available once the title''s launch update has been installed. Nevertheless, this is a lot of help to help you get to the point.

The demo for Monster Hunter Rise: Subreaks is now available on PC and Switch.

If youre looking to try this DLC then you can head to Steam to find the PC version and the Nintendo Switch eShop for the portable version. If youre on Nintendo Switch finding the demo in the store can be confusing, then head to the Monster Hunter Rise page on the store and select the download demo. From here you will select the demo version you want after, select the one for Sunbreak, and install it.

You have plenty of time to get started on this demo and earn your lootMonster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is expected to officially launch on Thursday, June 30.