Fortunes Keep an Eye on Call of Duty: Warzone: The Best Drop Locations

Fortunes Keep an Eye on Call of Duty: Warzone: The Best Drop Locations ...

Despite the map of Call of Duty: Warzones Fortunes Keep being about the same length as Rebirth Island, the island has several additional facilities to visit. Depending on whether you intend to win, loot will be much easier to come by. Here are only five locations that can help you get a great loadout in seconds. Here''s where you should be dropping in your next match of Resurgence.


It is certainly not the most interesting POI in Fortunes Keep, but almost everything makes it a great drop spot. For one, Camp is the furthest east area on the map, hundreds of meters away from death traps like Keep and Town. Camp also has excellent equipment with each of its seven tents holding ground loot and at least one supply box.


Players who enter this cave in search of three levels of small structures and discover unique designs. The cave also has a loot-filled tunnel that allows you to escape to the quieter Cove location.


Keep is essentially the maps'' own version of Prison Block from Rebirth Island. The location consists of a three-story house that has a wealth of rooms, staircases, and broad hallways. Players can also discover supply boxes in almost every part of the building, but will also be held on rooftops. In sum, they can expect Keep to be stuffed with opponents for most of a matchs duration.


Terraces, situated west of Keep, is centered around a large cathedral bombarded with guns, ammo, and other items. Snipers may get the most out of Terraces, as it also includes a watch tower which overlooks much of Keep and the nearby Gatehouse.


If you want to grab eliminations right away, there''s no better place to go for enemies and loot than Town. It is made up of over 30 structures, each each connected or feet away from another to allow players to jump from each of their rooftops. The western corner of the POI has a two-story restaurant that has legendary weapons.

You should also look at the new Black Market contract for Legendary blueprints and killstreaks in the games outside of ground loot and supply boxes. Supply Run is similar to Supply Run, as players will need to hunt down a buy station to purchase its exclusive items.