How to Dive and Grab Things With Fall Guys

How to Dive and Grab Things With Fall Guys ...

Fall Guys, a wild multiplayer battle royale game, has been released on most consoles. This already-successful title has only increased its appeal to gamers looking for quick gameplay and the possibility to play with their friends.

With this renewed interest, some players may be beginning their journey with Fall Guys. The courses that players must do their homework generally require that players are familiar with such techniques as jumping, grabbing, and diving. This guide is ideal for those who want to learn more about how to implement these techniques.

How to Jump and Dive

Fall Guys is a popular platform for beginners because it can be anything from obstacle courses to memory games but usually requires players to complete simple tasks. First and foremost, Fall Guys has two controls:

  • PlayStation: X
  • PC: Space
  • Switch: B
  • Xbox: A

The following steps are needed in diving:

  • PlayStation: Square
  • PC Keyboard: Ctrl
  • Switch: Y
  • Xbox: X

Fall Guys has a triad of different game modes, but a surprising amount of them require players to have advanced controls. In particular, Hex-A-Gone and Hoopsie Daisy are best managed when players jump to different hexagons for the second and dive through hoops for the second.

How to Grab in Fall Guys

One of the most difficult aspects of Fall Guys is its grab feature. Players can use this on their competitors to make the levels and challenges a bit more difficult by grabing others and preventing them from moving for a long time or manipulating their overall timing. It''s also an important skill to master. These controls for this gameplay mechanic are also different across platforms.

  • PlayStation: R2
  • PC: Shift
  • Switch: Zr
  • Xbox: RT

While it may be tactical for other players to get out, it may also be used in some of the Fall Guys best mini-games. However, mastering how to grab in the game is vital for those seeking to take the game off the rails. In this game, players are tasked with getting a tail from those who have one by grabbing it on their face.

Fall Guys is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.