What are Runestones and how to get them in Ark: Survival Evolved Fjordur

What are Runestones and how to get them in Ark: Survival Evolved Fjordur ...

Ark: Survival Evolved has provided a fascinating map to the game. Fjordur, which includes its slew of islands, divers creatures, and unique biomes, has equited the map for players to explore and enjoy. Fjordur, however, offers a teleportation system, but also adds some additional game challenges. In this guide, you will learn where to discover Runestones and why they are important in Ark: Survival Evolved.

Ark: Survival Evolved Fjordur''s Runestones

Runestones are items that are required to summon the mini-bosses of the map in Fjordur, where players must battle Beyla, Steinbjorn, Hati, and Skoll. These are the first in the process of battling the final boss. Runestones are unique to the Fjordur map, and you may only use them on the Fjordur map.

How to Get Runestones Ark: Survival Evolved Fjordur

Alpha Creatures are recognizable by the glowing red aura that surrounds them, as well as, their redder coloring. While low-level Alphas tend to give around one to two Runestones, while max levels will give you 10 to 11 per kill.

If you want to get rid of a single mini-boss, you will be doing so for a while. You may also use turrets to let them do the job for you, or a new Andrewsarchus tame with a high-level saddle. Alternatively, you may try out a high-level Tuso or Basiliosaurus that will run you in the water.