Bungie is suing Bungie as a member of the Destiny 2 DMCAs

Bungie is suing Bungie as a member of the Destiny 2 DMCAs ...

Bungie has filed a lawsuit against one Nicholas Minor, alleging that after receiving a copyright takedown notice on their Destiny 2 YouTube videos, they retaliated by creating a series of fake Bungie email addresses and sending DMCA notices to other YouTubers, pretending to be from the company.

According to Bungies filing, Minor was the owner of a YouTube account named Lord Nazo. In December 2021, CSC Global, which is the company''s brand protector, sent a takedown notice to Minor after they had uploaded the soundtrack for the Destiny expansion The Taken King. Minor allegedly refused to remove their videos, and left them online until they were removed by YouTube in January. Minor then registered a new Gmail address, designed to mimic the email addresses of CSC Global employees.

Another Destiny soundtrack was uploaded to the Lord Nazo channel this time from the Destiny 2 Witch Queen expansion, and Bungie issued an official takedown notice. According to Bungies, a minor allegedly registered a second CSC-style email address, and according to Bungies'' filing began to send out a wave of fraudulent takedown notices.

When Bungie was discovered by Google, revealing the recent takedown notices that had been issued by the supposed CSC, as well as the IP address from which they had originated. As a result, Minor acted in a similar effort to undermine its reputation among players and the Destiny community, according to the former Halo developer. Minor, as a result of the retaliation for the copyright takedowns, had received the studio''s studio accusing, and of a surge of bogus DM

Ninety-six times, explains the studio''s legal filing, Minor sent DMCA takedown notices on behalf of Bungie, identifying himself as Bungies brand protection vendor in order to require YouTube to instruct innocent creators to delete their Destiny 2 videos or confront copyright strikes, causing disruption to the Bungies'' community. Over the next several days, Lord Nazo was taking part in the community discussion of Bungies takedowns, disinformation.

Bungie''s reputation and economic problems have resulted in significant disruption, according to reports. Bungie had to devote significant internal resources to restoring its videos and channels as discussed below.

Bungie is seeking a total compensation of $7.6 million $150,000 for each of the employees involved in the fraudulent takedown notice. As the story progresses, we will keep you updated.