In the RHOBH Casting Tape, Kim Richards defends his family member: VIDEO

In the RHOBH Casting Tape, Kim Richards defends his family member: VIDEO ...

From Day One, the Richards sisters have been married to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Kim and Kyle Richards were the original stars on the Bravo reality show in 2010. Kim joined RHOBH in 2015, but she has not featured in many shows or even a recent reunion appearance.

In 2021, Hilton''s oldest sister, Kathy, joined RHOBH in a friend of role, but a decade before that she supported her younger sisters on show. According to The Daily Mail, in 2010, Hilton and her daughters, Paris and Nicky, attended the West Hollywood premiere of RHOBH in support of Kim and Kyle.

Kim provided family support as part of her RHOBH casting tape in the early stages of the show.

In her RHOBH casting tape, Kim Richards defended Paris Hilton.

On the June 15, 2022 episode of Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen played a roll the tapes with guests Kyle Richards and Chloe Fineman. During the game, the Bravo host rolled a retro clip from Kim Richards RHOBH''s casting tape.

Kim is seen racting the story of a woman she met at a nail shop who badmouthed her niece, Paris Hilton. Kim revealed that she called the woman a fat cow and informed her that she does not know her famous niece.

I go, Do you know her? [and she said ] Well, no, I said, and let me say something to you, fat cow, Kim revealed in the clip from the tape, which you may view above.

Fans reacted to Kims tape rendition on social media and recalled some of her most iconic RHOBH scenes.

Kims lets talk about the husband scene, then you stole my goddamn house, then this! Id never realized how iconic Kim is until recently! one fan wrote on Instagram.

Kim Richards is a hall of fame housewife, and I need her back. Period. DOT, another wrote.

Another agreed is that they need to bring her back asap.

Kim Richards has teased a comeback to Beverly Hills'' real housewives.

On Bravo, a video clip for Kim Richards'' casting has been revealed on Watch What Happens Live on the same day that the 250th episode of RHOBH was released, according to an Instagram post shared by Kyle Richards. The former child star hasn''t appeared on RHOBH since season 10 in 2020, but is there a possibility that shell return?

Kim stated in an Instagram Live in February 2022 that she had a phone conversation with Cohen to discuss the possibility.

he said, you know, that a lot of people have asked for me to return, and he said, he thought, Ill go right to the source, so he did, Richards told supporters. I do love Andy a lot, and he is great. So we cut the phone call short, but we absolutely had it. So lets see.

Hilton spoke to fans who want her sister come to RHOBH. I believe Kyle and I can help make this happen. Kim''s potential return to RHOBH has already reached out to her so?