Tom Bergeron Reveals His Most Popular TV Experience of All Time

Tom Bergeron Reveals His Most Popular TV Experience of All Time ...

Tom Bergeron has remained a prolific television fan, but he is particularly nostalgic when it comes to a particular show.

According to IMDb, the veteran television host oversees Dancing with the Stars for 15 years and 28 seasons. His hosting resume includes long stints on Hollywood Squares and Americas Funniest Home Videos. Bergeron has even included acting credits on the television shows The Nanny and Castle, and he is also an Emmy Award winner.

With a long career under his belt, Bergerons'' resume stretches back to the early 1980s and may be difficult to play favorites. Yet recently, the seasoned television host reiterated what his favorite television experience of all time is, and it has no bearing on a ballroom.

On breakfast time, Tom Bergeron recalled his time.

Breakfast Time (the 20th reunion dinner) with @lauriemgelman, "Bob," and Jim

Tom Bergeron (@Tom_Bergeron) May 30, 2014

In an Instagram post on June 21, 2022, Bergeron saluted a YouTube video that paid tribute to one of his pre-DWTS events: the FX morning chatfest Breakfast Time.

After watching this lovingly produced tribute by@connor.lhto the show that is probably my favorite experience in television, Bergeron captioned a screenshot of the video. @fxnetworks Breakfast Time.

Bergeron made a comment on the tribute video, called The Forgotten Morning Show.

I cant thank you enough for taking me down Memory Lane, according to YouTuber Connor Higgins. I sent the link to Laurie so she might enjoy it, too. Would that I didnt know what''s going after To be continued The Fox version of BT is certainly a cautionary tale of, Be careful what you desire.

In a separate Instagram post, Bergeron shared a photo of his computer screen, revealing his profile photo as a familiar Breakfast Time co-star.

The profile photo on my PC is a testament to my nostalgic affection for my former, wart-laden sock teammate @fxnetworks.

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Breakfast Time was relaunched on FX in June 1994, where Bergeron co-hosted with Laurie Hibberd Gelman in an apartment-style studio, according to IMDb. Jim the Announcer and a wacky puppet co-host named Bob were also featured on the show, manned by puppet master Al Rosenberg. The unconventional morning show was moved to Fox in 1996 and changed name Fox After Breakfast, but the show was removed in 1997.

This is not the first time Bergeron has described Breakfast Time as a career high. In a 2012 interview with KSite TV, he admitted that his stint on DWTS was an embarrassment of wealth, but added that for all of the recognition, acceptance, and admiration of Dancing With The Stars and everything else I have ever done since Breakfast Time, breakfast Time still is my favorite experience in television.

Bergeron said that he would be honored for a Breakfast Time reboot. It would be difficult to do, because wed have to get that environment again, in reference to the unique studio. It would have to be that space would I like to work with them again? Absolutely.

In his career, Tom Bergeron was an unexpected gift from the DWTS.

Bergeron once joking to TV Insider that his unassuming career outlook looks like a kiddo note inserted into a number of different magazines.

He said that he was very fortunate that great opportunities presented himself. I have been on two network shows for the better part of 15 years each, so livings been excellent. I have provided everything I can possibly need.

Apart from Breakfast Time, he has placed Dancing With the Stars on his top five.

When Bergeron was fired from his role as DWTS host in 2020, he tweeted of the ABC celebrity ballroom competition: It''s been an incredible 15-year run and the most unexpected gift of my career.