Monster Train's Best Builds

Monster Train's Best Builds ...

Monster Train is a roguelite tower defense deck-building game with you on the side of Evil against the forces of Good. The story is simple but excitingHeaven has occupied and frozen Hell. It is a duty to be liberated, thus you''ll get help from the strongest demon clans (races).

5 Best Builds in Monster Train

The key to success in this game is the right balance between minions and spells. Hell will never break loose unless there''s no syllable compromise. You''ll need to know the finest builds in Monster Train to get that.

Melting RemThe Melting Remnant clan has a fascinating game mechanic: they are usually slow to die, but they may reap reappears. These monsters are made from wax, so burning out is normal for them. But when you combine that with a powerful Rector Flicker winner, you get one of the best builds in the game.

The idea is to have Rector Flicker with a Burn Bright upgrade, which gives him immense attack and health bonuses. The downside is that he has Burnout 3, which means he will die after three rounds. Sometimes, this time, you may modify the fallen creature to your hand. In this case, theMolded spellcard is best.

To get a minimum effect, combine this with theCrushing Demise spell, which kills at least one opponent and one friendly unit. This card is fantastic for cleaning floors and upgrading Flicker by killing him, as he grows stronger every time he reforms.

For Frostbite''s build, the Stygian Guard and Awoken clans are excellent (until the stack has one damage per stack at the end of turn, decreases every turn) allowing you to significantly damage enemies if played right. For Frostbite to work, you''ll need to hold your ground with minions.

Awoken come up with their minions. It has some sturdy tank units that go well with the Stygian Guard Frostbite spells. Tethys Titansbane championand look for cards like:

  • Hoarfrost EffigyTransfer all Frostbite on this floor to a unit, then double the amount of Frostbite.
  • TitanstoothDeal five damage to enemy units and apply Frostbite 10.
  • Crystalline SeedsApply Frostbite 6 to enemy units.
  • Husk HermitHas Sweep ability (to attack every opponent)
  • Awoken HollowGains 60 health when you play him.
  • Titan SentryApply Frostbite 3 to enemy units.
  • Glacial SealApply Frostbite 2 to enemy units every time you play a spell card.

Primordium, a Umbra clan champion, has an interesting mechanic where the unit eats him and receives all the buffs (if you upgrade champ to have Superfood). This crazy technique is very effective combined with a Buffet (Primordium can be eaten multiple times). Your goal is to have strong minions (tanks) that can live long enough to receive various buffs:

  • MultistrikeAttacks an additional time each turn.
  • SpikesAttacker takes one damage per stack.
  • RageBuffs the attack of the minions.
  • SweepAttacks all enemy units.

The Shardtail Queenchampion of the Hellhorned clan is essential to get started with these two specializations: Imp Parade and Imperialist. The latter gives you a steady stream of Imps, and the latter hurts the enemy by killing these minions.

Imps act as minions/spells as they have extraordinary powers but have very little health. Using cards as well as a knife is also a good strategy.

  • Imp-olateDo more Imps you have in your deck, the more damage you deal.
  • Imp-in-a-BoxAdd two random Imps to your hand.
  • Impish ScholarReturn a random consumed spell to your hand.
  • Queen''''s ImplingDeal 10 damage to the front enemy unit.
  • Transcendimprepeat all Summon effects triggered in the battle

Morsels are minions from the Umbra clan who buff minions who eat them. They are great in Morsels are minions from the Umbra clan who buff minions who eat them. They are fantastic in combination with thePenumbra champion. He has Gorge capabilities (Glutton specialization) which gives him additional bonuses when he eats a Morsel.

The goal of this project is to have Penumbra fed with Morsels and increase his stats. Look out for these cards for the best results.

  • MorselmakerSummon Morsels
  • Morsel MinerGives attack and health bonuses.
  • CannibalizeSacrifice unit and add three random Morsel units to your hand.
  • Making of a MorselAdd a Morsel Miner to your hand.