8 Cool Car Films That Aren't In The 'Fast & Furious' Franchise

8 Cool Car Films That Aren't In The 'Fast & Furious' Franchise ...

Are you interested in doing something fast but maybe not so furious? Turns out, there are a ton of other excellent car movies that have very little to do with "family." From comedy to horror, automobile films have a slew of options for the car aficionado or the mere appreciator.

The best car movies will take the audience on a ride they have never experienced before. Car Movies offer adventure and fast-paced thrills that cannot be matched in any other mode of transportation. For those reasons, fans across all disciplines continue returning for more.

Hit And Run (2012)

Charlie (Dax Shepard) is taking a road trip to get his girlfriend Annie (Kristen Bell) to a special job interview. Their journey becomes difficult when Annie becomes aware of his old wild methods that are now coming to light and the couple must confront what they don''t know about each other.

The car comedy is as heartfelt as it is exciting and not to mention funny. Shepard and Bell''s chemistry makes the movie feel intimate and loving, something not easily achieved in a car movie. Shepard''s extensive personal car collection makes the film feel even more personal and high stakes.

Baby Driver (2017)

Baby (Ansel Elgort) is a well-known heist driver with a hearing phobia that means he is constantly listening to music. He is on the verge of repaying Doc (Kevin Spacey), the perpetrator of the crime. However, Doc has to do everything he can to keep Baby''s skills so easily.

Baby Driver is characterized by a wide range of exciting driving and car stunts, ensuring that any viewer is comfortable with the film. The film also features a truly exceptional soundtrack that firmly puts the audience in the story while having an all-around enjoyable time. Baby''s wild journey gives car movie enthusiasts a lot of twists and turns, allowing for fun and enjoyment for everyone.

Dude, Where''''s My Car? (2000)

Both Jesse (Ashton Kutcher) and Chester (Sean William Scott) are on a mission to find their missing car. After a night of partying, the pair naturally try to retrace their steps. In their journey, they discover an eclectic group of people hoping the journey will lead them to the missing vehicle.

The classic comedy is delightfully never serious and has suspended any amount of reality the audience may have for Jesse and Chester''s wacky situation. The film is a lighthearted testament to the love between a young individual and their first automobile. It is ultimately their ticket to freedom.

Drive (2011)

Driver (Ryan Gosling) is a Hollywood stuntman by day and a criminal getaway driver by night. He agrees to a heist promising a large payday which goes horribly wrong and threatens his neighbors and her young son. After developing worries, he takes it upon himself to protect her and her child from the criminal organization that has threatened them.

The beauty of Gosling''s Driver is the simplicity of the character. Driver expresses very little but expresses himself profoundly. He is a lost hero through and through. Drive is a fantastic car story that offers you tons of action and energy for the dark lovers.

Gone In 60 Seconds (2000)

Memphis (Nicolas Cage), a retired car thief, is forced back into stealing fifty luxury cars to save his brother. He must meet with a group of other thieves to assist him in derailing his progress and take the automobiles for granted.

Gone In 60 Secondsis is a heist and a car film formed into one. Audiences will have their action thirst dwindled between high-speed chases and carjacking schemes. The film features an all-star cast who holds this film up and undoubtedly makes an entertaining criminal team.

The Italian Job (2003)

A group of young people is fractured after one of their partners steals their gold and kills their safecracker. They swear to find him and exact revenge in order to get their gold back. The team organizes a dangerous series of actions and acts with the help of their deceased partner''s daughter.

The Italian Jobmakes is a must-see car film with plenty of action and car chases. The Italian Jobmakes is a must-see car thriller, although it still comes through with a host of twists and turns throughout the film.

Christine (1983)

Arnie (Keith Gordon) splurges on a classic automobile which he calls Christine. Arnie is developed an unhealthy obsession with the car, leaving the people in his life irritated. It takes on a lifetime of its own and begins killing those who have misogynized Arnie.

The horror classic brings a different perspective to the automobile movie genre and puts the car in the driver''s seat. Christine is rather a person on her own, revealing a strange story about a friendship between the men and the vehicle that has gone dark.

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Max (Tom Hardy) travels to a post-apokalyptic world where water is scarce. Max ends up in the middle of a high-speed battle between a tyrant and his most trusted warrior as he attempts to free his many captive wives. In his captivity Max agrees to assist her in order to overthrow the dictator.

The film offers a bizarre and intense apocalyptic interpretation of a car film. There are many wild stunts and tricked-out cars to keep fans engaged. The film also provides timely social commentary and warns against a shady future.