All of the key points of the Valorant Episode 5 Battle Pass are skins, tiers, and rewards

All of the key points of the Valorant Episode 5 Battle Pass are skins, tiers, and rewards ...

Players have been anticipating the launch of an all-new Battle pass, along with the free Crossover track commemorating the launch. Act 1: Dimension is a more common 50-tier track that allows players to unlock both free and paid content while playing the game and complete daily and weekly tasks.

The Battle pass track, which includes weapon skins, player cards, gunbuddies, player titles, and radianite points. Dimension has three distinct weapon skin themes, namely Shimmer, Spitfire, and Task Force 809, and is a large range of Valorants weapons.

The Dimension Battle pass in Act 1: Duration and Cost

The Dimension Battle pass has been released along with Episode 5 on June 22. Similar to the previous Battle passes, it will last for ten weeks, which means that it will come to an end on August 31, leaving plenty of time to grind out those rewards.

Following the scheme of previous Battle passes, the Dimension Battle pass costs 1000 VP to purchase and unlock the entire reward track. Note that it is possible to purchase the Battle pass later and retroactively unlock rewards.

Full Dimension Battle pass reward track

1PassSpitfire GhostWeapon Skin
2PassShimmer BuddyGunbuddy
3Pass10 Radianite PointsRadianite Points
4PassShimmer CardPlayer Card
5PassShimmer StingerWeapon Skin
5FreeTactical Knife Schema CardPlayer Card
5FreeGuiltyPlayer Title
6PassNosey Neighbor SpraySpray
7PassNo Spectre SpraySpray
8Pass10 Radianite PointsRadianite Points
9PassPlayZilla Tactibear CardPlayer Card
10PassTask Force 809 FrenzyWeapon Skin
10FreeEp 5 // 1 Coin BuddyGunbuddy
11PassOwl Drone Schema CardPlayer Card
12PassA Perfect Score SpraySpray
13Pass10 Radianite PointsRadianite Points
14PassPocket Sized Sherrif BuddyGunbuddy
15PassSpitfire AresWeapon Skin
15Pass10 Radianite PointsRadianite Points
15FreeRandomPlayer Title
16PassShimmer JudgeWeapon Skin
17PassCollectors Edition KAY/O CardPlayer Card
18PassWe Can Do It SpraySpray
19Pass10 Radianite PointsRadianite Points
20PassTask Force 809 SpectreWeapon Skin
20FreeWinners Ribbon SpraySpray
21PassJust Jokin SpraySpray
22Pass10 Radianite PointsRadianite Points
23PassGimbap BuddyGunbuddy
24PassNo Duelist No Problem SpraySpray
25PassSpitfire OperatorWeapon Skin
25FreeOperation Vacation CardPlayer Card
25Free10 Radianite PointsRadianite Points
26PassSage Signal SpraySpray
27Pass10 Radianite PointsRadianite Points
28PassCool Joy SpraySpray
29PassTactibunny Terror CardPlayer Card
30PassShimmer BulldogWeapon Skin
30FreeHeavy Lifting BuddyGunbuddy
31PassTask Force 809 CardPlayer Card
32Pass10 Radianite PointsRadianite Points
33PassTask Force 809 BuddyGunbuddy
34PassNeon Bot SpraySpray
35PassTask Force 809 MarshalWeapon Skin
35Free10 Radianite PointsRadianite Points
35FreeClownPlayer Title
36PassYou Wanna Play? SpraySpray
37PassCat Tactics BuddyGunbuddy
38PassJokes Over CardPlayer Card
39Pass10 Radianite PointsRadianite Points
40PassSpitfire GuardianWeapon Skin
40FreeThats a Blowout SpraySpray
41Pass10 Radianite PointsRadianite Points
42PassUnstoppable // Jett CardPlayer Card
43PassTrailblazing Tiger SpraySpray
44PassWaddle Walk SpraySpray
45PassTask Force 809 PhantomWeapon Skin
45FreePerfect Pattern BuddyGunbuddy
46PassNever Forget Leg Day SpraySpray
47PassTactical Surprise BuddyGunbuddy
48PassEnter the Duelists CardPlayer Card
49Pass10 Radianite PointsRadianite Points
50PassTask Force 809 KnifeWeapon Skin
50FreeI Am Everywhere CardPlayer Card
50FreeShimmer ClassicWeapon Skin
Epilogue 1PassEpilogue: Pocket Sized Sheriff BuddyGunbuddy
Epilogue 2Pass10 Radianite PointsRadianite Points
Epilogue 3Pass10 Radianite PointsRadianite Points
Epilogue 4Pass10 Radianite PointsRadianite Points
Epilogue 5PassEpilogue: PlayZilla Tactibear CardPlayer Card